19th July, 2016

Best Karaoke Places In Bangalore Where You Just Can’t Resist Holding The Mic

If you are a party person, who not only dances but enjoys an occasional stint at some singing as well, then Karaoke nights are tailor made for you. And when talking specifically about Bangalore, the city hosts some of the most amazing karaoke nights at the best of clubs. They mostly happen on Wednesdays and Thursdays, hence acting as the perfect stress buster in the middle of a tight week. If you are a girl and luck is on your side, then you just might get free drinks as well. A lot of venues have the habit of clubbing karaoke nights with ladies night, making it a super deal for the girls. I know you are here to know about the best party places in Bangalore which have karaoke nights, so let’s not waste any more time and get the countdown started – #5 Firehouse Bar & Kitchen Firehouse The first venue in the list of best karaoke parties in Bangalore has not one, but two karaoke nights in a week. One on Wednesdays and then again on Saturdays, with the second one focusing more on rock. On Wednesdays they have a Ladies night as well, which means full on drinks for girls. It is a decent place where you get great food at amazing rates. #4 1522 1522 One of my all time favourites in Bangalore, 1522 is a warm and cozy place which never gets boring. It has two outlets, one in Malleshwaram and the other one in Koramangala. I prefer going to the second one because of the simple fact - it is closer to my place, and has a better ambience as well. They have their karaoke nights on Sundays. You can come here and sing your way out of all the stress and troubles of the whole week. #3 Hard Rock Cafe Hard rock One of the most premium places in Bangalore, Hard Rock Cafe offers an exhilarating experience at karaoke nights. Here, you get to stand on the upper platform with a mic in your hand and the crowd looking up to you, just like a rock star. The food is damn good. If you are here, you just have to try their burgers, they are mostly huge and super juicy. Sing like a star on a karaoke night at hard Rock cafe. #2 Indigo Live indigo karaoke When Juel Worter and RJ Nathan take the stage at Indigo Live on Wednesdays, the entire place sets itself for a fantastic evening. The energy of the crowd here is tremendous. Being a ladies night, the girls get to have free drinks which is always good, especially when you are about to take the center stage. And when you are done with people singing, you can move to the roof top for some hip-hop action. And that’s why this place never fails to amaze, you will always find something or the other going on. #1 The Biere Club biere Located in Whitefield, Biere Club is one of the best places in that area to go on a Sunday evening, and all because of the excellent karaoke night. They have some delicious in house beers which go perfectly while singing along the tunes of your favourite songs. The ambience is lovely, as it gives out a feeling as if you are in a European country and not in Bangalore. An absolute delight for classic karaoke lovers. I guess you are all set to hold the mic now! Out of the top 5, this is where I will recommend you to go because all High Ape guests are partying there this week with an amazing offer in hand.

by Supritha Manjunath

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