1st September, 2016

Best Cocktail Places in Bangalore - The Most Amazing Drinks You Can Possibly Taste

If you are a fan of nightlife in Bangalore, you must already know the good places to party in the city, but do you know which places to hit for great cocktails? If not, then the list which I am about to unleash is exclusively made for you. Some of the best places to party in Bangalore have elaborate cocktail menus which gives you a variety of options to choose from, right from regular LIITs to the exotic Litchi Martinis with a twist. You may end up roaming the entire city if you decide to check out each and every place as they are scattered all across Bangalore. Some of the places which you will see in this list may rank a little lower in other departments and categories, but here it is all about getting sloshed by gulping down the yummiest of drinks. Let’s check out how much punch the top 5 cocktails places in Bangalore have. #5 Shiro shiros cocktail With class oozing out from every bit of this place, including its address (UB city Mall), Shiros is a place crafted for elegant dining. Some of the best cocktails which must try here are the ‘forbidden nectar’ and ‘crimson bride’. Apart from the cocktails, the place is also famous for its Japanese cuisine, especially their delicious Sushis. If you are planning to go weekends, make sure you book your tables in advance, as the place generally gets full.
#4 The Humming Tree humming tree cocktail Bump into this place any day of the week, and if you are lucky you will catch some or the other band performing live at the venue. Being obsessed with great music, The Humming Tree’s entire cocktail menu is inspired by different songs and bands. Some of the must try cocktails here are – My Shallow Lover, The Rambling Man, and if you are looking for something basic, go with the Virgin Mohito, they are splendid.
#3 Monkey Bar monkey bar cocktail There are two outlets of Monkey Bar in Bangalore, both are good, but I would suggest you to visit the one in Indiranagar. It has a stunning ambience which gives an uncanny homey feel. The cocktails are great, and are mostly served in very cool and funky jars. In terms of price as well, they aren’t over priced by any means, proving to be a great option to hang out with friends even in tight budget situations.
#2 Church Street SocialLIIT One of the liveliest venues in Bangalore, Church Street Social is the place to be for a loud and quirky experience. The cocktails which perfectly complement place are ‘The Longest Long Island Tea’, ‘Trip on the Drip’, ‘The Lantern’, ‘Cosmo Explosion’, and the list just goes on and on. Located in the heart of the city (MG Road), Church Street Social is the place for high spirits.
#1 The Black Rabbit cocktail Topping the list is The Black Rabbit, a club which has won many a heart in Bangalore within a very short span of time. One of the reasons behind it pulling a great crowd every time is their exclusive line of cocktails. From the long list of cocktails, the ones which you should try first are ‘Penicillin’, ‘Foreplay’, and ‘Choco Loco’. These drinks can be a little heavy on your pocket, but they are totally worth it. By now you must have got a fair idea of which are the best cocktail places in Bangalore and which are their best drinks. Think no more, and start checking out these amazing nightlife places, you may end up exploring more than expected.

by Supritha Manjunath

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