11th February, 2017

The Secret Budget Party in Bangalore for Valentine's (Where You Will Get Paid). True Story!

Generally clubbing and nightlife is associated with spending recklessly. And with Valentine’s around the corner, the pressure is even more. But that is not always the case. Specially with High Ape in the picture. Who says hardcore partying comes at a cost. If you go about partying the right way, not only you save, but on the contrary earn money to party. Sounds completely unbelievable and insane? Indeed it's actually true. Before you pick your destination to party tonight, you just cannot afford to miss this offer where you will be getting paid to party like never before. Something which has been never heard of. Yes, for the event which I am about to tell, you will get a coupon of INR 150 to use for whatever you want to eat or drink. Getting free entry for an exclusive party is a thing of past, now it’s time to take things to the next level, i.e. get paid to party. The event is none other than of the most talked about party for this Valentine’s. Here is your chance to get a flat 150 INR off at the biggest Pre Valentine’s bash happening tonight. The special romantic night with DJ Zuby at the gorgeous nightclub – Tilt, Koramangala will take you on a magical musical journey tonight. Get a true feel of romance and madness with your loved ones. It’s going to special, and with the offer in hand, one of the most economical ways to celebrate love at tonight’s Pre-Valentine’s bash.
Find out more about this posh Pre-Valentines Bash HERE!

by Supritha Manjunath

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