12th April, 2017

Beer at INR 5! If you don't believe see it yourself

Beer Café is celebrating its fifth anniversary and if you are a beer lover there is good news for you. They are offering beer for INR 5. Yes that’s true and not a publicity stunt. Since the IPL is going on I don’t think there can be a better time to visit this place. parties & nightlife in bangalore,parties & nightlife events in bangalore,parties & nightlife activities in bangalore,things to do for parties & nightlife in bangalore,bangalore parties & nightlife,parties & nightlife in bangalore today,parties & nightlife in bangalore this weekend,parties & nightlife in bangalore this week,parties & nightlife in bangalore 2017nightlife in bangalore,nightlife events in bangalore,nightlife activities in bangalore,things to do for nightlife in bangalore,bangalore nightlife,nightlife in bangalore today,nightlife in bangalore this weekend,nightlife in bangalore this week,nightlife in bangalore 2017parties in bangalore,parties events in bangalore,parties activities in bangalore,things to do for parties in bangalore,bangalore parties,parties in bangalore today,parties in bangalore this weekend,parties in bangalore this week,parties in bangalore 2017party in bangalore,party events in bangalore,party activities in bangalore,things to do for party in bangalore,bangalore party,party in bangalore today,party in bangalore this weekend,party in bangalore this week,party in bangalore 2017 The catch here is surely tempting enough. You can make good use of this offer by heading to an outlet in your city. The Beer Cafe has an eclectic mix of drinks including beer cocktails. They have come up with the concept of PYOB which basically means pour your own beer. Using a mobile app, you can fill your mug with a brew of your choice. You also don’t have to follow standard sizes as you can pour more or less in your mug and you will be charged accordingly. This offer is currently on-going and is valid until April 15, 2017. Before you head to the nearest outlet with plans The Beer Cafe is offering this deal only in their outlets at Koramangala, Indiranagar and Whitefield. Every second drink will cost you Rs 5. The cost of the first one will be as per the cost printed on the menu card.  

by Ragini Arora

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