18th October, 2015

Asking someone for a dance..Is it that difficult?

Care to Dance? Dance like no one's watching. But what when you want someone to? Well, don't worry because I ain't talking about some psycho stalker turned admirer. I am merely dreaming about grooving with the one, who would stand in one corner sipping his 'On the rocks' or be so indulgent with his friends that the world around him would cease to exist. What when I want no one else but him to match my steps on the funkiest and craziest of songs. What when I want to say that my heart skipped a beat when I looked at you and I'd love to match the rhythm of my heart to the floor. There is only one way this could happen. I go and ask him. But what if he said no? What if he laughed at me? What if he felt I was a dork? Well, these are the possibilities but this is the worst that could happen, right ? He saying no..And what if he said yes? Imagine the exuberance then. Fluttering eyelashes and sneaking glances is a NO GO. Trust me , I don't wanna sound high handed here, but lets not be distasteful. If I want a dance, I'd march over and ask. There was no hint of subtlety when Mr. Darcy  declined to entertain a dance with Elizabeth with her in close hearing of his comments. And there was no subtlety in Mr. Bingley's multiple rounds of dance with Jane politely ignoring all others. When it comes to dance, subtlety can take a toss out the window. Probably the best way to express yourself to someone you just met and admire, is to express an interest in having a close quarter dance with him. Intimate yet so Open. And should he decline, take the hint  and accept gracefully. And should your heart decline to accept this, march to the floor all by yourself and show him what he missed. So, what do I know? I want a dance, I'd go and ask. I will not do the covert longings bit here. It might work elsewhere for a girl but not a dance floor. Too much power play.

by Shane Iyer

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