17th December, 2016

The A to Z of the Best New Year's Eve Parties In Bangalore 2017 – There’s Nothing Beyond This

The most glamorous night of the year is in touching distance and Bangalore can’t wait to bid adieu to 2016 and hit best New Year parties in Bangalore. This is New Year’s Eve, a night where people put their foot down and do their best to welcome New Years in the most grand and decorative fashion. The posh clubs and vibrant nightlife venues play a significant role in helping people bring a little closer to their wildest fantasies. That’s why at the end of the day, it boils down to picking that one ideal destination where you want to make that final countdown with your loved ones.

With plentiful of options in front, promising to offer so many things, the task of narrowing it down to one becomes all the more difficult. To make your job a little easier here is a list of top New Year’s Eve 2017 parties in Bangalore segregated on the basis of location. The list contains the five prime neighborhoods in Bangalore where the maximum number of pubs and clubs are located – Koramangala, Indiranagar, MG Road, Yelahanka and Palace Grounds in no preferential order.

.There is pretty much everything which you can find in the best New Year parties happening in the premium clubs in these areas. There is no need to look any further, as this list of best New Year’s party in Bangalore 2017 can suffice every possible party appetite.

Best New year Parties in Koramangala

Winter may not come in Bangalore, but New Year’s Eve is. All the top pubs and clubs have pulled up their socks to throw the best New Year parties in town. And when you specifically look at Koramangala, the quality of the parties is even better. With this area, some of the best nightlife venues in the city, the people who are looking out for the best New Year parties in Koramangala are in for some special treats. The best New Year’s Eve parties in Koramangala are –

#1. Indigo Live - New Year Eve 2017


The New Year’s Eve party at Indigo Live Music Bar is very special because the biggest Bollywood DJ will be playing – DJ Hussain, making sure this is ‘The Bollywood Night’ in Bangalore. If you are a fan of Bollywood numbers and are looking for some pure desi entertainment, then this is the party you must go for. You will be getting a pure clubbing experience at the gorgeous Indigo Live with a desi twist.

For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.
#2. Barleyz - New Year Eve 2017

Being one of the oldest, biggest and most premium nightlife places in Koramangala, Barleyz is all set to throw a kickass New Year’s Eve party once again (last year it was damn great). Most conveniently located on the 100 Ft. road at Sony Signal, Barleyz offers a great blend of delicious food, with even more delicious beverages which includes some of their finest brewed beers.

Best New year Parties in Indiranagar

There is absolutely no other place in the city which has a club density, the way Indiranagar has. And that means the people who are looking out to party in the famous 100 ft. road will witness some of the most happening New Year parties in the city. The advantage which you will be having here is that with so many wonderful venues stocked up so close together, the clubs will be doing their best to stand out. And that is what will work in the favor of people to have a rocking New Year’s Eve, Bangalore.

#1. Hilton - New Year Eve 2017
new-year-hilton-bangalore-2017 Though this venue does not exactly fall in the Indiranagar region, as it is located inside EGL (Embassy Golf Links) near Domlur, I could not have dared to miss it. Arguably the most posh venue in the whole of Bangalore, Hilton is throwing the grandest New Year’s Eve party in town. The scintillating 5-star hotel will be having international artist performances by the pool, live band performance, an unlimited Godly buffet spread with 120+ food items complemented by premium liquor. You would think that all this should cost a bomb, but actually, it doesn’t.
For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.
#2. Loft 38- New Year Eve 2017

If you want to spend your New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam, but can’t afford to go, then simple head towards Loft 38. The simply gorgeous nightclub is bringing a uniquely conceptualized New Year’s Eve in Bangalore, where you will get to experience the clubbing style of 25 countries in one night under one roof. With top Dutch DJs, the clubbing scene in Loft 38 will be par with the New Year’s Eve celebration going in Amsterdam or Paris. Find more details and book your passes here.

For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.
#3. Xtreme Sports Bar- New Year Eve 2017
new-year-party-xtreme-sports-bar-bangalore One of the best sports bar in the city, Xtreme will be guaranteeing a high octane night full of energy and madness with its Bollywood night. Located in the heart of the highly decorated (with clubs, pubs and what not) 100 ft road of Indiranagar, this venue will stand because of two main reasons – their brilliant Bollywood night and being one of the most economical options in that region without compromising on the quality aspect.
For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.
#4. 3 Dots & A Dash - New Year Eve 2017
select from top 50 parties in bangalore For a true Hawaiian experience this New Years in Bangalore, 3 Dots & A Dash will be the venue which meet your requirements perfectly. Generally known for its lively atmosphere, this venue will not fail to disappoint you on New Year’s Eve as well. The graph of awesomeness will be only going only one way, and that is on the way up.
For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.

Best New year Parties in MG Road

The heart of Bangalore, MG Road, will be hosting some of the most scintillating new parties in Bangalore. From lavish 5 star clubs to posh and exclusive independent pubs, the place has got everything. With so many options and in such diverse categories, it comes as a great advantage when it comes to picking the best place to celebrate New Years in Bangalore. There is a reason why MG Road is so popular in Bangalore, and this New Year’s Eve you will find that out.

#1. City Bar - New Year Eve 2017


The only Ghaint Punjabi night happening in Bangalore this New Year’s Eve will be happening at the beautiful City Bar. This one is for all those just can’t get enough of Punjabi beats and want the Patiala pegs easing down the throat till the clock hits 12. City Bar will be witnessing the typical Punjabi madness in the wildest New Year night in Bangalore ever. All Punjabi and Punjabi music lovers in Bangalore, this is as Punjab as it can get in Bangalore.

For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.
#2. Vivanta by Taj - New Year Eve 2017


While the previous one was more about desi tadka, this one is full of suave and class. With the super hot international DJ – Mia Rudich playing by the pool, this one is perhaps the sexiest New Year party happening in town. The other great catch about this party is the premium liquor on offer and the wide spread of multi-cuisine food options. Hit this party if you are looking forward to having a classic premium New Year’s Eve party, a pleasant farewell to 2106.

For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.
#3. No Limmits - New Year Eve 2017


What makes the New Year’s Eve at No Limmits very unique and special is the fact that it has the best of both, that is, you can enjoy both Bollywood chartbusters and top EDM & commercial numbers under one roof, on two different massive dance floors. International DJs from Germany and Qatar will be flying into Bangalore to the city dance to their tunes. There are many other attractions in the event as well like belly dancers, fire dancers, caricature artists, face painters, etc.

For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.
#4. The Park - New Year Eve 2017
ticket-to-Bollywood-the-park-hotel Grab your ticket to Bollywood because the New Year party at the 5-star venue by the pool will be having a heavy dose of Bollywood tadka. Two super sexy Bollywood divas – Ankita and Nina will be inflicting the Bollywood madness all over the venue, ensuring you have a ball as you enter 2017.
For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.
#5. Smaaash – New Year Eve 2017
new-year-2017-carnival-smaash On one hand where all the venues are boasting about DJ nights for their New Year party, Smaaash is offering all together different and experience. You can play, party and eat all night long here at the biggest entertainment hub in Bangalore. With state of the art gaming facilities, superb club atmosphere and great food, Smasash is throwing a smashing New Year party for the ones who love exploring new things.
For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.

Best New year Parties in Yashwanthpur

  When on hand the new Bangalore is flooded with so many types New Year parties, how can the old Bangalore stay behind. Though you might not find many options here in this region, but the quality is at par with the best New Year parties in Bangalore or maybe even a notch higher. Here are the events which you must look up to this NYE in Yashwanthpur –
#1. High Ultra Lounge - New Year Eve 2017
starlight-new-year-2017-high-ultra-loung Placed beautifully on the 36th floor, this is the club at the highest altitude by far. And not that it needs to be mentioned, the view from there is spectacular. As per the name of the venue, the New Year’s Eve party here will leave you super high with top quality music from the best in Bangalore – DJ Rohan Kapoor and DJ Nash.  One more thing, the NYE party here will be classy as hell.
For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.
#2. Sheraton – New Year Eve 2017
new-year-fiesta-sheraton-grand-bangalore The Grand Fiesta 2017 at Sheraton is indeed a grand affair. The party will be spread across two venues – Ballroom and Persian Terrace, giving you enough variety to ensure that the tempo of the night doesn’t go down even for a minute. There will be a VIP lounge as well if want some special pampering and are looking for a premium New Year’s Eve experience.
For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.
Best New year Parties in Whitefield

With almost all the major IT companies having their offices in this area, Whitefield is where thousands will be spending their New Year’s Eve in Bangalore. This area may not have the same number of pubs and clubs as the above three, but that doesn’t mean it lacks good party options for the New Years. New Year’s Eve parties in Whitefield will be happening at the most prominent party destinations of this region and they are ones which you should in order to have a sincerely pleasant evening on the special occasion. So, let’s have a look at which these prominent party destinations are –

 #1. The Zuri- New Year Eve 2017


The luxurious 5-star hotel will be hosting perhaps the classiest Black and White night in Whitefield, if not Bangalore. Here you will be getting access to three different parties happening with only a single entry, leaving no scope of monotony. There will be international dancers at the event as well, taking the standard of the party even higher.

For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.
#2. Opus Out of The Box- New Year Eve 2017
[caption id="attachment_10378" align="aligncenter" width="705"]Plan your new year eve party from top 50 new year parties in Bangalore. select from top 50 parties in Bangalore[/caption]

One of the biggest open air club venues in Whitefield, Opus will be having the largest New Year’s Eve gathering in a terrific atmosphere. This is the place to wander, lay back, relax, dance, get sloshed and do whatever you feel like on New Year’s Eve. Opus will be one of the most soothing yet rocking options in this list for celebrating New Year’s Eve 2017 in Bangalore.

For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.

 Best New year Parties in Palace Grounds

  With all the limelight on areas like Indiranagar and MG Road, more often than not the clubs in and around Palace grounds go unnoticed. You must know that there are some wonderful New Year parties in Palace grounds lined up to make you have a special time. And the venues are here are great too, so no need to worry about the quality standards. Here are the best New Year parties happening in and around Palace Grounds this 31st.
#1. The Sugar Factory - New Year Eve 2017
the-showdown-le-meridian-bangalore For a great New Year party, you need top notch blasting music. And who better to look up to than DJs from music festivals like Sunburn and Ultra Music Festival Miami. The likes of Aerreo and DJ Rohit will be churning out the best mixes at The Sugar Factory, a posh club of Le Meridian. To suit your beverage needs in most precise manner, three unlimited packages are being designed so that you can choose as per your need.
For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.
#2. Oko - New Year Eve 2017
skyline-2017-new-year-party-oko-lalit-askoh Sky Line 2017 happening at the posh club of the luxurious 5-star hotel - Lalit Ashok is a premium event tailor-made for people looking out for expensive liquor and high-quality food. DJ Chet and DJ Prithvi will be taking care of the music department, doing their best to keep everyone on the dance floor all night long.
For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.

Best New year Parties in Yelahanka

If you consider Whitefield as one corner of Bangalore, then the other one is definitely Yelahanka. The nightlife in this region is generally scarce throughout the year, but for New Years there are a few surprises here. The new year parties in Yelahanka may not be of the same standard as of MG Road, but they are definitely an option if you are from that region and are not willing to travel all the way across to a different part of the city to enjoy NYE.
#1. Royal Orchid – New Year Eve 2017
Rio-Carnival-2017-New-Year-Event-royal-orchid There are three Royal Orchid hotels in the city, and without the doubt, this one in Yelahanka looks the most promising of the three. By bringing in arguably the hottest DJ in the world – Olly Esse, known for her super crazy performances, they are giving the other premium nightlife hubs of the city a good run for their money. For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.
#2. The Sai Leela - New Year Eve 2017
sambaland-sai-leele-palace-new-year-banaglore Samba Land 2017 happening here this 31st will be giving you a complete feel of partying in Rio. Samba dancers, fire jugglers, flaring bartenders and a performance by the sensational super model and DJ – Clara Fernandes will be more than enough to give you Samba vibes until the time you enter 2017. For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.

There are a few other venues as well which I would not like to miss this list is all about the best New Year Parties in Bangalore 2017. Since the following venues do not exactly fall under the 4 prime locations mentioned above, I have to give a few honorable mentions. Let’s see which these dark horses are for this New Year’s Eve in Bangalore.

Special Mentions

#1. Big Pitcher- New Year Eve 2017


The huge 6 floor tall Big Pitcher is offering the most diverse New Year party in Bangalore. With every floor offering something new and different, the night will be all about experiencing new things. There will be 3 dance floors, famous international artists, Italian belly dancers, and breathtaking fire jugglers to win your hearts and give you the freedom to celebrate in an ecstatic fashion.

For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.
#2. Sanctum - New Year Eve 2017


Being a high profile club in a 5-star property, the pressure is always there to come up with something extraordinary. And they have not disappointed. Electro Smashers – the biggest DJ duo in the country are being called for to present a smashing New Year’s Eve party in Bangalore. There will be lots of live dhols as well for all night foot thumping action. There are some good deals on hotel rooms as well, so do check them out.

For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.
#3. Estate Club - New Year Eve 2017
select from top 50 parties in bangalore This one deserves a special attention because of two primary reasons. The first one is that it is an indoor concert happening in a resort and the second one is that the protagonist of the event is a one handed DJ (he has only one good hand) who is popularly known as the ‘Badshah of Bollywood music’. And the thing which will surprise you the most is that it is super pocket-friendly, making it one of the cheapest New Year parties in Bangalore. For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.

New Year’s Eve is a big deal, as even those don’t party all year will also put their foot out in the quest of hitting a nice New Year party in Bangalore. And I am sure this list will cater to the needs of almost everyone in every age group as it has got it all. Now it all depends on your requirements and needs, because if you take an overview, the nightclubs and pubs which have been mentioned are diverse in every way. Don’t hold back, and book your favorite party from the best New Year’s Eve parties in Bangalore 2017 for yourself and your friends.

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by Supritha Manjunath

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