10th May, 2018

9 Drooly Gastronomy Hubs In Indiranagar Which Make A Foodie's Heart Melt, Bubble And Burst

For anyone residing in the Northern part of the country, Bangalore may look to be a traditional South Indian city, which Bangalore is. But most often what people don’t know about the city of gardens is that it is a huge foodie paradise as well. Delhites and Mumbaikars are often seen boasting about their rich food culture and culinary marvels, but Bangalore is no less when comes to being the gastronomic capital of the country. Ever wondered what keeps the IT industry going and entrepreneurs innovating and trying out new things?

Yes, it’s the diverse and sumptuous flavors of the city which fuel the Bangaloreans. Over the years Bangalore has managed to emerge as a diverse provider of exquisite global cuisines, without losing out on the authenticity it always had for serving succulent Idlis with sharp filter coffee, and many other traditional rice and coconut based dishes.

When you are on the subject of Gourmet, one simply cannot miss Indiranagar, the locality which houses some of the best eateries, nightclubs, premium fashion brand stores, cafes, street food stalls and more.

Here is a list of some of 9 destinations in Indiranagar, which are sure to bring alive a million cravings hidden in a single tongue.

#1. Monkey Bar – Tucked neatly behind a small entrance with a barely visible signboard on the 12th Main road, Monkey Bar can be described in any way, and authentic is one of them. It’s the modern simplicity of the ambiance which wins heart the moment you step inside the 2-floor venue. Fairy lights, old school walls, quiet paintings, basic seating arrangements, all add up to the charm. Burgers and nachos place, some of the must-try at Monkey Bar include General Tso’s chicken, loaded nachos, and Butterfly chicken. Make sure you get your tables reserved if planning to come on weekends as its jam-packed.

#2. The Fatty Bao – As the name indicates, this Asian gastro bar specializes in Baos and dim sums like none others. They have a great and diverse collection of Baos, do check out their Mushroom and Bell Peppers Bao for a subtle explosion of contrasting flavours in the mouth. This classy Asian-style place is great for fine dining and the breezy rooftop bar adds to the urban modern urban vibe. The brisk service matches the Japanese standards right on the head.

#3. Chianti – Chianti, a wine made primarily in Tuscany, Italy, is an authentic Italian place serving not only pies, but all kinds of Italian dishes. Some of the all-time pleasers at Chianti include Duck Ravioli, homemade pasta with juicy stuffing, and Panna Cotta or the Blueberry Cheesecake for dessert. If you are a pizza buff, you can give Del Chianti Pizza or the classic Margarita pizza a shot. The place can be a little heavy on the pocket, but is definitely worth the experience.  And their pesto is indeed the besto.

#4. Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR) – Commonly known as MTR to Namma Bengaluru, Mavalli Tiffin Rooms is the most iconic place in the list, and this will hold true for any list in which MTR gets featured. They gave Rave Idli to the world and we can’t thank them enough. Every arrow in their quiver is killer, be it a crisp Masala Dosa, Filter Coffee or Upma. Be ready stand in long queues on weekends if you reach as early as 7 in the morning. MTR is an absolute delight for people having an appetite for quality South Indian food.

 #5. Burma Burma – One of the few places in Bangalore serving true Burmese delicacies. Be ready to get pleasantly mesmerized by the traditional welcome at the entrance where the lady swishes a leaf dipped in water across the palm. The lovely artifact, the hand-painted wall mural and the surreal lights dangling from the roof does take this place a long way in being a mini Burma in itself. For something light on the tummy, try Samuza Hincho or the Mandalay Laphet Thoke, and for something on the more filling side order their trademark Crunchy Tofu Steamed Bun or Black Sticky Rice with Hmo Hin.  

#6. The Black Rabbit – The Black Rabbit may not be a typical club, but the atmosphere on a Saturday at this premium nightlife destination will compel you to think otherwise. Located on the popular 100 ft. road of Indiranagar, this is place is not only a favourite for Indians, but foreigners too love flocking together here. Their large juicy, meaty and greasy burgers can send anyone to the Empire state of mind. Get a Black Orange Mimosa or a Virgin Pincacoloda if you are not looking for alcohol, to go with their burger and there’s nothing more you will need to enjoy at this top-notch party destination.

#7. Bombay Brasserie – Vibrant is how you would define the food of Bombay Brasserie in one word. The dishes back a punch when it comes to a volcano of flavours, be it the Chatka Chole Kulche, Aam Papad Paneer or their popular cocktail – Kairi Sherbet. The ambiance has been kept simple with comfortable seating which brings out a natural vibe. For non-veg lovers the best picks can be Calcutta Club Fish Fry or the Naga Gosht Pepper Wings. If authentic Asian was too plain, then the spice of Bombay can more than make up for it.

#8. Truffles – If you have been in Bangalore even for a month, then most likely you have heard about this place, if not been to already. Truffles had had one hell of journey in Bangalore. They started with a very small place on St. Marks Road a few years back, and currently 3 huge outlets, the Indiranagar one being the most recent one. The quality, the quick service, the elaborate menu, everything is right on the money, and the best part, this place is really light on the pocket. Defining one or two dishes as signature items wouldn’t be fair, considering the huge popularity of a lot of their dishes. The best burgers include the All American Cheese Burger, Peri Peri Chicken Burger and Lamb Burger. If burgers are not your thing try out items like Devils Chicken, California Chicken Steak and the Hot Pot Lamb. Give a shot at their XL sized burgers if super hungry, and you will be happily surprised. The mouth-watering dessert and drinks menu attracts the sweet tooth holders any given day, be it with their Irish Cold Coffee or the Ferrero Rocher Shake.

#9. Smoke House Deli – The Classiest and most elegant place in the list, Smoke House Deli is for those believe in soaking in the fragments of lavish fine dining. White color heavily dominates the place, giving it an angelic look and heavenly food confirms that this has to be out of this world. The cuisine is mostly European, probably tilted towards Italian flavours. The popular dishes here include Pulled Pork Slider, Crusted Cobbler and Aglio Olio Spaghetti. An array of domestic and international beers and a wide range of cocktails quench all thirsts gladly. Smoke House Deli is the perfect destination for romantic and family outings, or any special gathering for that matter.

People come from all parts of Bangalore to submerge in the glitzy glamoury streets of Indiranagar and you can’t blame them, after all, there is much to try and explore.   



by Vaibhav Lal

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