3rd May, 2017

7 European destinations where you should pack your bags and go immediately

Europe is a dream holiday destination for every Indian, at least after watching the Bollywood movies. Our film industry’s obsession with beautiful locations in Switzerland to cities like London and Paris is also somehow responsible for making Europe the dream destination of every Indian. With the mercury rising in the Indian subcontinent makes a good excuse for a European tour. Apart from the beautiful meadows of Switzerland, castles of Scotland and the beautiful beaches of Italy, there is a lot more to explore in Europe. In this blog, we have carefully selected the top destinations in Europe while keeping the alternative locations in Europe that are equally adventurous and beautiful. #1. Barcelona, Spain Related image Because Rome is too mainstream Barcelona should be in your hit-list if you are a party lover. It is truly a traveller's paradise and a must go destination if you want to take a close look at the nightlife of Europe. The best part of Barcelona is, the travellers, as well as the local residents, are up late till night. If you are a music enthusiast then you can also experience the music festivals like Sonar, Festival Grec Di Barcelona and Primavera Sound.
  #2. Berlin, Germany Image result for berlin parties images Germany is a country where a lot of importance is given to nightlife. Berlin has its own historical significance but the neo-society is even more audacious and bold. Known for the EDM and Hip-hop music the pubs in Berlin are flocked equally by tourists and the local population of Berlin. With music festivals like Berlin Festival, Jazzfest Berlin and Love Parade, it is a must go place if you love beer, fun and music.
#3. Amsterdam, Netherlands Image result for parties i amsterdam images Amsterdam is not only the stoner capital of Europe; it has much more than this. With pubs and nightclubs sprawling, Amsterdam has a colourful nightlife and rave culture. If you happen to be in Amsterdam late at night, you can experience the pub crawls, coffee shops and the awesome nightlife of Europe.
#4. Prague, Czech Republic Image result for prague party images Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and it has one of the best nightlife in Europe. Even though Prague is not a mainstream holiday destination for Indian travellers, this place has an awesome culture and at pocket-friendly rates. Being an eastern European country, Czech Republic is under-rated because of lack of awareness. If you are planning a European tour definitely go to Prague lest you miss some of the best party destinations in Europe.
#5. Lagos, Portugal Image result for lagos portugal parties Situated 300 Kms away from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal; Lagos is a party destination for those who love beach parties. If you had been thinking Rio is the only place for beach football, booze and hot chicks in a bikini, then you are probably wrong. So this time, don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and beach shorts if you don’t want to miss the fun in the beaches of Portugal.
#6. Valletta, MaltaRelated image If you are a Game of Thrones fan then you have probably seen the beauty of Malta in the Season 1 where the King’s Landing has been shot in Malta. Trust me it is a lot more than it has been shown in the serial. A Mediterranean destination, Valletta in Malta is now a new destination for those for whom the bay of Naples in Italy is no more something that brings awe.  
  #7. Belgrade, Serbia Related image Until the 1990s Belgrade was a war zone under the dictatorship of Milosevic, but in the recent years, it is a party destination for travellers from all over Europe. You can find a lot of Germans, Polish, and Russian travellers partying in Belgrade. Being a country in Eastern Europe, this place is less expensive as compared to other European cities like Paris, London and Berlin. For this reason, you will find a lot of travellers from these countries flocking to Belgrade for partying.

by Ragini Arora

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