4th August, 2017

5 Places in Bangalore, that are paradise for Pizza Lovers

In a previous post, I wrote about the best burger joints in Bangalore, which was widely read by the foodies and burger enthusiasts from Bangalore and all over the world. I got a lot of responses from different readers and it feels great to interact with you guys. There were many readers who also wanted to know about the best pizza joints in Bangalore.

Our in-house team of foodies took this mission to bring the best pizza outlets in Bangalore. In this quest, our team of 10 food maesters were sent to all the possible corners of Bangalore to find out the best pizza joints.

A lot of factors like the quality of pizza base, choice of toppings and cheese were kept in mind before declaring the best. After a lot of curation and selecting carefully, here are the best 5 pizza joints in Bangalore.

#1.The Biere Club

The Biere Club located at Vittal Mallya Road is a pub and microbrewery. Though this place is widely popular for its micro-brewed beer, there is perhaps another aspect of this place. That is their awesome pizzas.

You can choose the pizza base either from plain or multigrain varieties. The pizza base is just perfect. You may have the habit of leaving the sides of the pizza uneaten, but here you will not leave a single bit.

You can try their pizza with seafood toppings. It comes with tomatoes, Prawn, Squids and capers as a herb. We tried the Grilled Zucchini pizza with chorizo topping and melted with smoked scarmoza cheese. Chorizo is a type of pork sausage of Spanish origin, which is fermented and smoked before consuming.

Scarmoza cheese is made from cow milk and is often used as a replacement of mozzarella cheese. The taste of Scarmoza cheese is stronger and much more distinct than mozzarella and melts better when baked.

Some other pizza varieties that you can try are Charred Sweet peppers and Smoked Scarmoza Cheese Pizza, Breakfast Pizza loaded with sausage, Ham, Bacon, mushroom and an egg.

#2.Brik Oven

Located at 19, Church Street, Brik Oven is a café famous for their pizza and milkshake. They have wide varieties of pizza. Of them try the one with seafood toppings. Named ‘The Beach’ the toppings include prawn, squid and mozzarella with loads of onion, garlic, tomatoes and béchamel sauce.

You should try The White Funghi which comes with loads of white sauce (béchamel) along with wild mushrooms, Mozzarella, nutmeg & thyme.

You can also try the Quattro Stagioni Pizza that has 4 different kinds of cheese along with tomato sauce and herbs. You get the flavours of Mozzarella, Parmesan, Provolone and Blue Cheese with every bite. With every bite, the cheese oozes out multiplying the delight.

The characteristic flavour of blue cheeses tends to be sharp and salty because of the presence of bacteria. They are aged in controlled temperature such as a cave. Provolone is another variety of cheese that is aged for a minimum of 4 months. The distinct taste of Provolone is due to lipase (an enzyme found in the intestine of goats)

Some other pizza varieties that you can try are Popeye and Olive Oyl Pizza that comes with grilled chicken, spinach, mozzarella and olive oil.


Onesta is a café and casual dining restaurant located at various locations in Bangalore. We happened to be at the Koramangala outlet. This place is famous for its unlimited offer where you can eat unlimited pizzas and desserts.

Starting as low as INR 369, this offer is valid throughout the day. You should definitely go for Creamy Pesto, Onion and Red Pepper pizza. With Basil Pesto and cream sauce topped with onions and red peppers, the treat is great.

If you are craving for a combination of super spicy and overloaded with cheese you can try the Pesto Chicken Pizza in spicy Romanesco Sauce. Romanesco Sauce is a blend of nut and red pepper based sauce originally from Spain.

Once you are high with the spices of Romanesco sauce, go for a milder yet effective version. Try out the Cream of Mushroom, Pepperoni and Olives Pizza. Overloaded with exotic spices and spicy pepperoni salami and olives, this pizza will make you return to Onesta the very next week for some more!

#4.Bangalore Brew Works

Bangalore Brew Work is a lounge located at Residency Road. They serve continental and Italian cuisines. Known for their wood fired pizzas, this place is a must go place for pizza lovers.

Wood fired pizzas are baked in traditional wooden ovens that give them a taste of smokiness which is detectable. The pizza crust is harder and crispier than microwave baked pizza.

You can try out their Wood Roasted Pizza. It is a veg pizza with a mixed topping of wood roasted zucchini, Yellow Courgette’s, bell peppers and Cherry tomato.

Quattro Formaggi is always great. And why not, you get the flavours of 4 different cheese; Parmesan, English Cheddar, Gorgonzola and Smoked Cheese with exotic herbs, spices and toppings. What else could you ask for!!

Some of the other pizzas that you can try are Mediterranean Herb Chicken Pizza loaded with herbs roast chicken, Spinach, air dried tomatoes and feta crumbs. If you are looking for a combination of Indian and Italian flavours go for the Chicken Tikka Pizza.

#5.Fenny’s Kitchen and Lounge

Fenny’s Kitchen and Lounge is a casual dining restaurant located in Koramangala 7th block. Apart from great pizza, the seating area of this place is too good. They have an open area seating.

Coming to the varieties of Pizza, you can try the extra spicy Fiery Hot vegetable pizza with crisp onion toppings, bell pepper, mozzarella cheese and some extra spices. But be advised to keep a tissue handy, because it’s really hot.

Some other pizzas that you can try are BBQ Chicken Pizza with chicken pieces topped with BBQ sauce and loads of cheese.


by Ragini Arora

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