17th November, 2016

Which are the 5 most strange/awesome events happening in Bangalore this Weekend?

Courtesy the ever rising club culture in Bangalore, there is no shortage of DJ nights, karaoke nights, EDM nights or any other regular party nights happening across the city. But there is something really strange and fascinating about to happen in Bangalore this weekend. With these 5 uniquely conceptualized events, which can also be termed as orthodox, nightlife in Bangalore is going to take a new spin. All the events which I will be listing here are tailor made for people who are looking out for something out of the box. These events do not happen every week. It won’t be wrong to call it a pleasant co-incidence, but it is also a little unfortunate that you can only go to any one. Let’s see what the events are – #1 Hymn for the weekend in Bangalore – Coldplay coldplay in mumbai If you had a dream of attending a Coldplay concert, but it got shattered because you are in Bangalore and won’t be able to make it to Mumbai, then this is the perfect way to make amends. City Bar, MG road is having a special night dedicated to Coldplay and its fans at the same time when Coldplay will be performing live in Mumbai. A chance to soak in a hell lot of Coldplay, all night long! Something I am really looking forward to. Venue: City Bar, MG Road Day: Saturday
  #2 Jus Improv comedy show in bangalore Who doesn’t like some good light hearted comedy? And it’s more awesome when the act is not scripted, and rather impromptu. 7 extremely talented guys are all geared up to tickle your funny bones with their shear natural sense of humour and not with pre made up jokes, something which you don’t often get to see. Head to Jus’ Trufs this Saturday evening to laugh your brains out. Venue: Jus' Trufs, North Bangalore Day: Saturday
  #3 Glow in the dark theme party glow in the dark party Do you remember that iconic song by Black Eyed Peas – I gotta feeling? If you do, then you exactly know what I am talking about here. Glow sticks, neon lights, insane dance performances, neon paints and a lot more will be highlights of this party on Saturday at Indigo Live Music Bar, Koramangala. This night will be all about stepping up and glowing in the dark. It's going to be a crazy night full of insane uncertainties! Venue: Indigo Live Music Bar, Koramangala Day: Saturday
  #4 SteppinOut Movie Nights Horror Edition steppinout bangalore Ssshhhh Bangalore! Get ready to hold your special someone as you experience the fear while watching the most horrendous movie under the open skies like never before. SteppinOut has decided to host a special horror edition of SteppinOut Movie Nights! Oh and the venue will be the gorgeous Prince of Wales Lawns at The Taj West End. Venue: Prince Of Wales Lawns, Taj West End, Central Bangalore Day: Sunday
  #5 The Military Hotel March best street food in bangalore Small eateries that serve largely meat dishes with authentic homemade spices contribute heavily to the wide range of experience Bangalore offers. It is great chance to visit some of these popular hotels, know their stories, and taste their dishes that make one drool all over. The walk this Sunday starts at Ranganna Military Hotel, KR road. Venue: Banashankari Temple , South Bangalore Day: Sunday

by Supritha Manjunath

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