12th May, 2017

5 Alternatives in Bangalore you can try if you are not a Party Animal

As an introvert, I have always been accused of being boring. My friends say that I am not a party animal. In fact, I am not an animal at all. After thousands of years of evolution isn’t it shameful to call yourself an animal? (SARCASM, lest you feel offended!!) If you don’t like to party, drink and dance in the noisy pubs and clubs does that make you boring? What my friends fail to understand is that I don’t like places that are filled with people howling and screaming at the top of their voice. I am not saying it out loud that my friends are stupid (but in my mind I am) because they enjoy partying and clubbing. I am saying that if not partying makes me boring so be it. But now I have cracked the code. Whenever my friends plan for an outing to a club or pub I stay away from it. So now just to include me in their outings they have started asking me where to go before planning an outing. Since Bangalore has a lot more fun places to hang out, so clubbing is not the only option. Here is a list of options apart from clubbing that you can suggest your extrovert friends.


#1. Book Reading Cafes

These are the next level libraries where you can sit with your friends for a story reading session. It involves interacting with people; know them and their ideas more closely. Definitely, a great place to hang-out with your friends or even alone. I being from Bangalore had the most wonderful feeling at Atta Galata where I attended a book reading session. So next time your gang asks you to accompany them take them to this place.


#2. Open Mics and Comedy Clubs

Again this is something that is equally enjoyed by introverts and extroverts. I am okay with it as long as I am not pushed and pulled by drunken people around me. Just kidding! In fact, some of my friends who perform in the open mics invite me to their gigs. And I must say, stand-up comedy gigs refreshes the mind every once in a while. venues like Humming Tree and Sanctum Club are some of the venues that host open mics in Bangalore.


#3. Silent Disco

This form of clubbing is less intrusive than the original form of clubbing. If you think clubbing is a horrendous blot on the history of recreation, then I urge you to go for silent discos. Here you will be given a headphone. If you want to talk with someone just remove the headphones. So next time if your friends force you to come for a party, take them to the silent disco.


#4. Fashion Shows

Fashion Shows are little less invasive than pubs and you get a chance to sit (for the ones who are lazy and introvert). And while sitting you can laugh at all sorts of jokes that come to your mind after seeing the costumes that the models wear in the name of fashion! ;)


#5. Dog Café

 “I abhor dogs!” Said no human ever! And just to prove you wrong if your friend said that with a smirk on his/her face you have the full right to shove up a stick through his/her a**. And no I am not making this up; there is a section in the law that decriminalises your act. Take your gang to a café that has a lot of furry creatures. Trust me from next time you will be the pack leader when it comes to deciding where to go to chill.

  If your buddies are still not convinced with all the above-said ideas I think you know better what to do. Take a book and go to the bed. Treat yourself with world’s cheapest form of entertainment, Sleep!!    

by Ragini Arora

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