Funny Hour at Infinitea Cunningham Road

Wednesday 08:00 PM - Infinitea · Vasanth Nagar · Bangalore

A weekly stand-up comedy event by Shreeks Comedy at Infinitea Cafe Cunningham Road Every Wednesday at 8:00pm.

Weekly dose of comedy served to you by 10-12 Comedians offering a wide variety of jokes for you to enjoy! Some hilarious and some offensive, Some one-liners & some hard hitting!

Infinitea Cafe located on Cunningham Road has long ( More than a decade) been making waves for its fine food & Great ambience, Now adds one more flavor to their offering !!

Stand-up comedy night is a perfect way to unwind with rib tickling Jokes humor and laughter with friends and colleagues etc. along with fine food,To enjoy & have a good time. Come & have a laugh riot with the best of food & beverages to make your Wednesday evening memorable one.

PS: Please note that Comedy is a subject which is personal to each individual and the views of comics on any subject/matter does not repesent the society or the country's view in any way whatsoever,It is their individual perspective that try putforth in a funny way filled with humour to make you laugh and should taken accordingly without any prejudice !

Further by attending the event you're fully aware & are agreeing to be a part of this voluntarily knowing full well that the contents might of adult and absurd ( sometimes) kind. The jokes are usually 18+ and hence are restricted to those who are min of 18 years or older.

Shreeks Comedy & Infinitea reserves all the rights of admission, And any rude behavior/ill-mannered behavior towards the comics or in general will not be tolerated & those caught doing so will be removed from the venue without any lenience !!

PSS: Re request you to kindly Reserve/Book/RSVP your attendance & Get the free passes only if you actually are going to attend & please do not do so otherwise.

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2, 17/1, Ali Asker Road, Shah Sultan Complex, Cunningham Road, Cunningham Rd, Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052, India

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Stand-up Comedy

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dates Wednesday, 23 Oct 08:00 PM - Wednesday, 23 Oct 10:00 PM
prices Free Entry

organiser Organised by: Shreek's Comedy

details Special Details: The event starts at 8 pm. Venue rules apply.
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