Cali P and Manudigital Live - The Humming Tree

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 Fri, 20 Jan  09:00 PM

 Artist : Cali P and Manudigital

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Cali P and Manudigital  Live - The Humming Tree

Artist Details - Cali P - With locks stretching from the crown of his head almost to the sole of his feet, the artiste CALI P bears an aura of spirituality often identified with those whose sacred mission it is to take the message of Reggae and Rastafari to the diverse parts of the earth. His easy manner comports with one's expectation of a life dedicated to a mission of peace and love. His delivery and passion certainly remind his audience that while the lyrical fire of Rastafari burns brightly within his soul he is keenly aware that the message must be delivered in a contemporary manner. Manudigital - Manudigital started playing bass guitar at the age of 13 with support from his guitar playing brothers. He joined his first Reggae band in 1994 called “Jahrmony “ where he got a taste for performing on stage. It didn’t take long after that before Manu started joining multiple and various artists, armed only with his bass and vibe. He had always been strongly attracted to Jamaican culture and its profusion of styles and forms, which helped him find his first Sound System, “Digital Sound”. Manudigital became a proper Selecta with “Digital Sound” and ended up curating a radio show called “Ragga Addiction” more than four consecutive years.
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