Bangalore Kayak Campout

Saturday 12:00 PM - Manchanabele Dam · Manchanabele · Bangalore

The wonderful thing about kayaking is it easy to learn and very hard to stop! Join us as we take you through a workshop designed by kayaking/SUP professionals Goodwave Adventures at a gorgeous Camp Monk Camp within 2 hours drive of Bangalore.
About the session:
This 6-hour kayak session is all about getting you ready to get down a river with rapids in style. We introduce you to the basics of the sport by teaching you the following techniques in the calm and cool confines of Campers Paradise on Manchinbele Dam, which is located about 2 hours from Bangalore. 
You can also choose to learn or practice stand up paddling (SUP) instead of kayaking. We will be running both sessions simultaneously. In case you want to choose SUP-ing over kayaking, please indicate your preference while booking the session.
What will you learn?
To get comfortable in the kayak in the water
Basic entry and re-entry manoeuvres
Fitness conditioning and warm up techniques before going out to paddle
Unloading a kayak
Launching a kayak
Paddle strokes: forward, backwards, bracing and learning how to manoeuver the whitewater kayak.
Age limit : Only Applicable for age above 12 years

Please note 
We do not offer any certifications for stand up paddling but we will teach you the strokes and manoeuvres as prescribed by the ACA stand-up paddling syllabus for level 1 & 2. 
We have a ratio of only 4 students per instructors to ensure that every participant is given adequate attention during the course
About the campsite:
A lush green natural space with blue backwaters, an hour drive from Bangalore, makes it a perfect weekend getaway! The instant you reach the place, you would be a victim of amnesia. You would forget everything and everyone as you set your sight on mother nature's beauty. The backwaters stretches more than 4 kms and is surrounded by the dense forest which is inhabited by wildlife. To add to the beauty, stands the huge single rock formation "Savandurga Hill" at the backdrop

Day 1

12:00 pm//Leave for campsite
2:00 pm // Reach campsite
2:15 pm// Unload gear
2.30 pm// Safety briefing
3:00pm // Kayaking session until 6 pm
6: 30 pm //Pitch a tent, campfire session
7:00 pm //old fashioned star gazing and dinner

Day 2
8:00 am// Wake up and breakfast
8:30 am // Practice sessions
12:00 pm //Pack and leave for BLR

Kayak and safety equipment
Training sessions
Camping stay and gear
Meals (dinner and breakfast)

Other incidentals


Change of clothes
Bug Repellent

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*Organizers/Venues are solely responsible for the service, availability and quality of the events including all or any cancellations/modifications/complaints.
Know about Location & Place
Address :

Manchanabele, Karnataka 562130, India

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Terms & Conditions

* This is a community gathering in a private property, nuisance will not be tolerated and you might even be asked to leave the premises if the community feels unsafe or disturbed.
* You are most welcome to BYOB and enjoy your drink in a respectful manner.
* We are serious campers, we love nature and we appreciate if you share the same sentiment
* We are very particular on zero trace camping - so take back all trash you create
* Avoid plastics as much as possible - our planet doesn't like it much

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dates Saturday, 25 May 12:00 PM - Sunday, 26 May 12:00 PM
prices 4999 - 6999 INR

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details Special Details: Reach the campsite at 2:00 PM.
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