SITARSONIC is a fusion project of Electronica, Dub and Live Sitar, founded in 2000 by Paco Rodriguez. Initiated to this instrument in 1994 by an Indian master in Varanasi, Paco has always privileged experimental explorations rather than a classical approach to the instrument. Sitarsonic, his solo project, is releasing its 8th self-produced album which explores more and more mystical horizons combining original compositions and Mantras in Sanskrit. These formulas of words and repetitive sounds used in meditation and rituals have been part of his life over the last 25 years.
Live, Sitarsonic performs in cafés as well as in festivals. Paco currently lives between Goa, India, and Crete, Greece.

Past Events (1)
Dikkapaal Rituals NYE 2020 99 %
Dikkapaal Rituals NYE 2020
Dec 31
Dikkapaal Rituals NYE 2020
Tuesday 12:00 PM - To Be Announced · Bangalore · Bangalore
Dj Night
· Trance
· New Years Eve 2020