Katya Ostrovski


Katya Ostrovski is a charismatic DJ & dancer who spark the hearts of the most sophisticated clubbers. Katya Ostrovski started her way on the Ukrainian club scene from the dance industry, in which she successfully fulfilled her potential in Ukraine and abroad.
The constant striving for creativity led her to the creation of own musical project - DUO Ostrovski. It is an incredible symbiosis of dj set and electronic drums. The project DUO Ostrovski was presented in the framework of the show “Inside Out” and the German festival “Traumatica”, which has worldwide fame.
She was the participant of the international festival of video culture VIDEOZHARA. The grand event brought together more than 300 YouTube stars and 20 thousand fans. 

Today, dj sets Katya Ostrovski sound on the waves of the most fashionable station in Ukraine NRJ Ukraine. The unique daily audience of radio is about 750 thousand listeners.

She regularly becomes a participant in successful collaborations. One of them is the Diamonds Dragons Show, where the dj set is combined with a bright and flamboyant dance show.

Past Events (1)
TAJ's Enchanted 2020 - International New Year's Eve 97 %
TAJ's Enchanted 2020 - International New Year's Eve
Dec 31
TAJ's Enchanted 2020 - International New Year's Eve
Tuesday 08:00 PM - Taj MG Road, Bengaluru · MG-Road · Bangalore
Dj Night
· Band Performance
· Bollywood Night
· Exclusive Experience
· Premium Experience
· Fine Dine
· New Years Eve 2020
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