Alien Trancesistor


Vikram aka Alien Trancesistor is from Bangalore, He is also co owner of Vantara Vichitra Records.
A transistor, by definition, is a semiconductive device used to amplify electronic signals and electrical power. For over a decade, Alien Trancesistor has been doing just that. By offering a platform for artists to showcase their distinct talents and artistic vision, he has been amplifying and conducting the artistic energy of his peers through his tasteful selection of music in his own unique performances. His mastery of high energy psychedelia has only further reinforced his role as an innovator and leader in the the psytrance community as he continues to make ripples with his record label, Vantara Vichitra Records.

Past Events (1)
Dikkapaal Rituals NYE 2020 99 %
Dikkapaal Rituals NYE 2020
Dec 31
Dikkapaal Rituals NYE 2020
Tuesday 12:00 PM - To Be Announced · Bangalore · Bangalore
Dj Night
· Trance
· New Years Eve 2020
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