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Sorry, New Year Night 2017 Might Be Ruined For You, Here’s Why!

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Two days to go. The big night is finally coming. You haven’t booked your NYE 2017 tickets yet. That’s sad. 🙁

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So, if that is the case, then what might be even bigger than the biggest night, is TODAY. It ain’t all over yet, the grand NYE sale today can save your night from getting ruined. The power packed entertainment which the stupendous nightlife in Bangalore has on offer make things almost vital.  And if you also want that one night to be top notch in every given sense, then believe me today is the most crucial day for you, or else the train will be gone forever.

The early bird offers are almost a history, prices have started their journey on the way up, and the dream of a successful NYE under budget is looking blurry and it won’t be wrong to say that you must be thinking that your NYE 2017 is ruined. And we get that, but there is one single chance till tonight and a big one. The savior of the big night has finally arrived.

You cannot afford to miss the NYE party tickets today, doesn’t matter which venue it is in Bangalore. The grand High Ape sale is happening, and it’s happening only for today. This is where being frugal will pay off big time. 😀

There are 5 very important reasons to believe the previous statement. Basically if it is not today, then probably it is too late. Wondering what the urgency is all about? Here are the 5 reasons which will decide how your New Year party in Bangalore will pan out and why you need to book your tickets today if you don’t want your NYE night to be ruined:

#1. No cash-back or wallet money, just old school flat heavy discounts

A discount or a sale doesn’t really qualify as a sale if it isn’t in terms of pure cash. That is what is on offer exclusively for today on High Ape. With hardly any time left, this grand NYE sale couldn’t have placed itself any better. The golden opportunity is here, with unparallel and exclusive flat discounts, and this is the most perfect opportunity to grab the passes for your NYE party.

#2. You will miss out on the best

Seeing the way all the best New Year parties in Bangalore are performing, don’t be surprised if you see the ‘sold out’ sign on all of them anytime now. Almost all the good venues are getting filled at a break neck pace and booking by the end of the day will be in your best interest.

#3. Only 2 days to go

If you haven’t given it a thought yet, now is the time to do it. Call your friends, check with your co workers, finalize the venue and close the plan, because come tomorrow, you never know what options you will have to miss out on, maybe because of unavailability of tickets or budget constraints.

#4. When are you gonna plan?

No matter what kind of a person you are, New Year’s Eve is a big deal in some way or the other for everyone. It’s important that you plan out every move of the entire evening. Things like what are you going to wear, how are going to commute are important when it comes to the night when everyone wants to enjoy to fullest, irrespective of the fact how lame or awesome 2016 was. How do you expect that to happen when you don’t even know where you will be going?

#5. Your pocket will take the blunt –

Don’t get baffled if you wake up tomorrow to completely new prices for the event which you had narrowed down to since forever. If you go by the track record, every year the venues increase the prices in heavy quantity for 30th and 31st. Today is your one last chance to book the tickets not just at the best price, but even a little better than the best.

It’s quite surprising that you are still reading the article, rather than booking your tickets on High Ape.

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Note: Biggest Sale of New year Parties in Bangalore upto~50% OFF ends at 11PM. 29th Dec-Thursday.


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