Surabhi Surana


Hi ,I am Surabhi Surana.
I am a Self taught Artist

My brand name is Rangsaaz by Surabhi

By Qualification I am an engineer(CS) and Post Grad in 3D Animation and Movies.
Post working 9 years in the field life turned me towards my Interests

Now I am a Full time Artist.
I work on various Artforms, Art makes me inquisitive.
Currently I work with Sculpture Paste fluid Art,knife painting , Acrylic painting,Fabric Painting,Resin art, Dot art, Warli, Pattachitra , PaperFlower Making, Cement Art, Decoupage , Fluid pour , Abstract Art etc

I take Art Workshops and put up exhibitions to share my experience with everyone else

My painting style is mostly Impressionism it's more about conveying feeling and emotions rather than naturalistic point to point accuracy like a photograph.

Past Events (1)
Fabric Painting Workshop 47 %
Fabric Painting Workshop
Jun 18 Onwards
Fabric Painting Workshop
Multiple days 05:00 PM - Online Workshop/Class · NA · Bangalore
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