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Nagaland is the enchantress's favourite art piece. Nature here is the magic wand, and people, the conservers. With 17 major tribes and many other sub-tribes living here for generations, Nagaland has proven to be a culturally rich and peaceful Indian state. 

In this Nagaland chapter, we will explore the historic village of Khonoma and go for a beautiful walk in "Asia's First Green Village". Often described as a 'Warrior Village', the people of Khonoma are known to have fought fiercely against the British colonial period. Apart from that, Khonoma is also known for its initiatives in wildlife conservation. With its naturally blessed resources, intriguing history and rich culture, the village is one of the most visited places in Nagaland.  

All of this is preserved and protected by tribals of Nagaland along with the Angamis. We will get in close contact with them and discover about their lifestyle. Know about ‘Morungs’ and other vernacular architecture. Know about terrace farming and learn how this kind of farming helps them in the sustainable cultivation of crops. 

Dzuleke is a bounty of natural flora and fauna. We will take a heritage walk in Dzuleke. 

A signboard at Dzukou says, “Well if you find it hard to go to Dzukou, you may find it hard to go to heaven.” Dzukou Valley, which borders Nagaland and Manipur, is touted to be one of the best trekking spots in North-Eastern India. This testing trek adventure will be worthwhile for all avid trekkers, adventure seekers, and photography enthusiasts.

With the steep trek upward followed by 2-3 hours of walking through thick bamboo thickets and deep forest land, you will understand why the Dzukou Valley trek is considered the best trek route in Nagaland. 

Some facts about Dzukou Valley Trek:

  1. The dreamlike Dzukou Valley is home to the world’s most exotic lilies.
  2. Two rivers, Japfu and Dzukou, water this valley, fondly addressed as “The Valley of Flowers” among locals.
  3. The stream that flows in the valley has healing effects. 

Nagaland trip rallies through Dzuleke, Kohima, Khonoma and Dzukou valley trek, with a punch of knowing about the state from Angami tribals. Don't miss this. You will be captivated by this journey in the Naga hills of the Eastern Himalayan Range. 

This journey of a thousand steps begins in Dimapur.



Day 1 - Welcome To Khonoma


Distance of Khonoma from Dimapur: 79 km.
Altitude of Khonoma: 5320 ft
Altitude of Dimapur is 853 ft.

Your journey in Nagaland begins from Dimapur. We’ll meet at a designated point in the morning, the details of which will be shared in the mail. From here, we will start our journey to Khonoma. It will take 3 hours to get there. 

After the initial introduction and settling down, we will go for lunch, where you will get to know fellow trippers better. 

Afterwards, we will walk in "Asia's First Green Village". Often described as a 'warrior village', the people of Khonoma are known to have fought fiercely against the British colonial period. 

Feel free to talk with locals and ask questions. Learn about terrace farming. 

Carry some tea and walk to the nearby stream but make sure you return home by sunset. Here, you will be hosted with a traditional Angami Meal that will leave you wanting more and more.

Day 2 - Explore Khonoma

Distance between Khonoma to Dzüleke: 22 km.

A day in Khonoma starts during the wee hours. Start your day as early as possible. Packed with good food, we will be set to take a heritage walk in the Khonoma with only a handful of houses. 

Learning about cultures and history while visiting a place is a must. During the walk, learn about Angami tribals and their customs and culture. Contribute to the local economy by purchasing some of their woodwork. Learn about "morungs". The Morung is a key institution of the Nagas and the centre of the social life of all unmarried male members. It is a place for young boys to learn about social practices and beliefs from their elders.

They are one of the only two groups of Nagas out of the seventeen who practice wet-rice cultivation on terraces. This allows them to cultivate the same plot year after year. 

After spending quality time in Khonoma, bid goodbye to the hosts and start your journey towards Dzüleke – the home of bison. 

Dzuleke is a bounty of natural flora and fauna. Begin the time here by meeting your hosts. We will spend our night here. 

After settling, we will get out to explore the village. From forest hiking to dipping in waterfalls, Dzuleke feels like a home. 

After exploring Dzuleke, we will return to the homestay and spend the whole night.

Day 3 - Explore Kohima

Distance of Kohima from Dzuleke: 38 km

Distance of Kigwema from Kohima: 17 km

Altitude of Kohima: 1444 m

Altitude of Jakhama: 1606 m

Next morning, super-punched with breakfast, we will set out for Kohima exploration. 

Know About Kohima: Kohima is the capital city of Nagaland. Known for the Hornbill Festival, Kohima is mainly known for its Angami tribes among the other 16 tribes in Nagaland. But Kohima being the capital city, is cosmopolitan. It hosts people from all over India. 

We will visit the World War II memorial. 

After this, we will leave the exploration part to you. The city opens itself once you start exploring it. Go as you wish. There are eateries, cafes and shopping streets that will keep you busy.

You can spend the rest of your time at leisure. Keep it light. Keep your mind and body healthy since we have an upcoming trek the following day. 

Post lunch, we will go to the base of the Dzukou trek. 

The next day, we will start the trek early, so bid good night to your new friends and retire early.

Day 4 -  Dzukou Valley Trek

Total Dzukou Valley Trek Distance: 17 km.

After early breakfast, we will get on the road to reach the base of the Dzukou Valley Trek. 

First few hours, you will have trouble climbing since the starts are always steep and challenging. We assure you that the views will soothe your inhibitions. We will take short breaks. 

Take time to absorb nature. The drive switches to steep, winding roads as we bounce down the hills surrounded by wildflowers and bamboo.

Dzukou Valley trekking will give you a good glimpse of the Japfu peak upfront, which has an elevation of 3048 meters, the second-largest in Nagaland. The panoramic views of the valley, the majestic mountains surrounding you and the natural green environment make the trek most worthwhile and memorable.

Dzukou Valley is well-hidden among the high mountain ranges on the Manipur-Nagaland border. The valley is famous for its multicoloured carpets of flowers that bloom in summer, most notably the Dzukou lily, found only in this valley. The flowers begin to bloom in the monsoon, and the first two weeks of July are the peak flowering season

Day 5 - Downhill Dzukou Valley Trek

Wake up to the silent morning. We will commence downhill trekking to the valley early in the morning. But before that, warm yourself with hot tea and a fulfilling breakfast. 

After reaching down, we will start preparing for breakfast. Pack your bags, have breakfast and leave for Jakhama. The trek descends steeply but is shorter than the ascent from the previous day.  

We will be in Jakhama by lunchtime.  

After lunch, we will leave for Kohima. Here we will stay for the night

Day 6 - Goodbye Nagaland 

The trip comes to an end. We will drop you at Dimapur in the morning, from where we started Nagaland Trip. 

We are going to miss you badly. We know it will be equally difficult for you to let go of funny times, sleepless nights and new friendships. But once someone chooses us, we are their home forever. Most of us cross paths multiple times. Don't forget to remember the thrill you have had. And once you know you want to do it again, we are here. 

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  • Bonfire, Camping at Homestay
  • Tour Leads and Driver allowances
  • First aid kits, Oxygen cylinders, Infrared thermometer, Oximeter


  • Anything which is not mentioned in the inclusion
  • Beverages on all days
  • Personal Expenses
  • Insurance, including travel, health, and more.
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