The Secret Fort Campout

Saturday 02:00 PM - Palghar · Vishnu Nagar · mumbai

We bid farewell to this year's pleasant winter at the north most fort of Mumbai, where we camp the night on top of a fort.

Our trip begins with a rustic ride that is not very far from Mumbai. We stroll across a farming village and let the scents welcome us to a rural life. We hike through a sleepy forest whose wilderness awakens our senses. We adjust our sights and explore our route to the top of the hill as the forest wakes up with the passing light. At the top, we let the cool breeze carry away our sweat as we setup our campsite. After burning calories, we treat ourselves to a nutritious meal, cooked on firewood tribal style. Then we spend the next hour exploring the fort ruins with the night wind whispering in our ears. Finally, we relax and enjoy a calm, cold night in the outdoors chilling with the oncoming winter.

About the location:
Distant yet near is a town called Palghar, it is on the northern side of Mumbai and is a convenient outdoor site from the hustle bustle of routine Mumbai life. Villages of Palghar region are closely associated with the Warli tribe lifestyle and their well known paintings. Few miles from Palghar city is our spot of interest, a forest which is regarded as a blessing by the nearby villages. Forming a range, there are many mountains in this region covered with vegetation and wildlife. The forest is home to significant species of trees and plants that provide for the people and is a home to elusive animals including monkeys, reptiles, deers and a few more. This forest is a good example of a harmonious coexistence between man & nature.

Trip Itinerary:
- Meet at Borivali Station at 2.00pm.
- Board the train and reach Palghar.
- Ride the private village transport from Palghar station to reach the base village.
- Reach the base village & Start the trek.
- Summit the top and set-up the tents.
- Have a freshly cooked tribal dinner.
- Engage in a night exploration of the peak.
- Dream diving in cozy sleeping bags.
- Rise with the sun.
- Breakfast
- Begin the downward leg of the trek.
- Reach base village and board a private vehicle for Palghar station.
- Reach Borivali station

- Tickets and entry charges wherever applicable.
- Road journeys
- Dinner and breakfast
- Camping amenities
- Trek Expertise by Certified Mountaineers trained at Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering, Kashmir
- First Aid by Certified Wilderness First Responder (WFR) trained by Wilderness Medical Associates International, USA

*Organizers/Venues are solely responsible for the service, availability and quality of the events including all or any cancellations/modifications/complaints.
Know about Location & Place
Address :

Ambamata Road, Juna Palghar, Vishnu Nagar, Palghar, Maharashtra 401404, India

Terms & Conditions

1. Please carry a valid ID proof along with the valid ticket.

2. High Ape is not responsible for any injury or damage occurring due to the event.

3. People in an inebriated state will not be given entry.

4. Being only a ticketing portal, High Ape does not take any responsibility for the activities going on inside or outside the event, as the entire responsibility of it is of the organizer/venue.

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9. Alcohol (if available) will be served only to guests above the legal drinking age (LDA) and on display of valid age proof.

10. In case a booking confirmation e-mail and SMS gets delayed or fails because of technical reasons or as a result of incorrect e-mail ID / phone number provided by the user etc, a ticket will be considered 'booked' if the payment has been processed by High Ape and you will have to contact our representatives for issue of tickets.

11. Arms and ammunition, eatables, bottled water, beverages, alcohol is not allowed from outside to the event. Food and beverages will be available inside the event.

12. Persons suspected of carrying items that may be used in an offensive or dangerous manner, or carrying out illegal activities within the site may be searched.

13. Venues/Organizers are solely responsible for the service; availability and quality of the events.

14. Venue/Organisers rules apply.

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dates Saturday, 02 Mar 02:00 PM - Sunday, 03 Mar 02:00 PM
prices 1999 INR

details Special Details: Meet at Borivali Station at 2.00pm.
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