Shakti Swaroopa Series Day 9 With Dr.Manjula Anagani

Sunday 03:00 PM - Fountainhead The Global School · · Hyderabad

Common sense Series 1- Black and White Talks

Common sense - As the name derives every individual has it. How can we use it with optimum utilization? Come be a part of this one of its kind intiative.

60 minute talk show where we will have speakers from varied backgrounds who have been successful in their own ways and are here to inspire us.

Common sense campaign aims to bring experts from various fields to enlighten young minds. The primary intention is to introduce innovative ideas and thoughts to the new generation. Throughout our life, our perspective evolves due to personal experiences, exposure, and relationships. These talks delivered by experts can help you transform your views and understand new topics in a better perspective. Transformation is the outcome of all authentic learning. So, join us and learn from the best to discover your best.

Shakti Swaroopa Series: Brings Empowered Stories Of Successful Women.

In a country whose culture glorifies goddesses as a symbol of peace, prosperity, power, and knowledge, our women aren't usually in the spotlight. 

To bring light on to the various strong, bold, and talented women all around us, we bring you the Shakti Swaroopa series. This series will leave you motivated and inspired.

In the Courageous Standing of Uncertainty, Faith Shows Most Visibly its Dynamic Character. –
Paul Tillich
“Women make strong leaders because, quite frankly, it is how we are made. It is in our
DNA!Whether it is a struggling mother determined to raise her family or a woman who is a
Doctor or a CEO , all embody characteristics that keep them going, keep them striving, keep
them alive. These characteristics include, but are not limited to, being forward thinkers,
dreamers if you will. For how does one achieve anything without a dream? Being emotionally
intelligent as well as self-aware is as key as being tenacious, a collaborator, and a person who
takes responsibility. These strong women embody a sense of balance, audaciousness,
resiliency and, most of all, a sense of humor about self,and last but not the least being dynamic
and courageous.”
A courageous doctor who has touched millions of lives is Dr.Manjula Anagani. She is the Head
of the Department, Chief Gynecologist, Lap Surgeon & Infertility Specialist,
Pelvic-Uro-Gyn-Endo-Onco-Surgeon at Medicover Hospitals with over 20 years of experience.
Tune in to this episode of common sense as a part of a special series Shakti Swaroopa:
Bringing Empowered Stories Of Successful Women.
Join us on 25th October 2020 - Sunday at 3-4 PM to listen to Dr.Manjula Anagani share her
views on being Dynamic and Courageous

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