Focusing - First Primary Goal

Multiple days 02:00 PM - Golconda Fort · Ibrahim Bagh · Hyderabad

Focusing the subject accurately is the first primary goal before you capture the photograph and with respect to different photography genres like 

MacroPortraiture, Action, WildlifeWeddingArt, or any conceptual photography.

Perfectdetails play a role and strength to any photograph you take. Since from more than a decade, camera manufacturers made challenges to improve the Artificial Intelligence on "focusing the subject" by introducing new camera features in different versions of cameras by manufacturers to make photographer experience easier and better way, when working as a professional to make sure that we never miss the moment, when we see something interesting.

Who can attend the workshop :

1. This workshop is for especially for those people, who are getting trouble in focusing the subject. This workshop will give you perfect ideal on focusing strategy of different

Photography genres with live demonstrating the technicality of camera's focusing Artificial intelligence and How, When and Which photography situations , they are helpful and make you photography experience better.

2. Any camera body manufacturer like SONYNikon and Canon etc and any cameras type like DSLRMirrorless etc. 




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Know about Location & Venue
Address :

Khair Complex, Ibrahim Bagh, Hyderabad, Telangana 500008, India

Terms & Conditions

1. This not a complete "Basics Of Photography", Only focusing part will be discussed and will be demonstrating live with the camera, later on, if you got any doubts, you can attend same kind workshops in future, else you can ask assistance via direct phone call. 

2. If you're willing to learn the complete "Basics Of Photography", then amount to you paid for this workshop , will be deducted from the amount for "Basics Of Photography"  i.e 2000rs - 1000 rs, you need to pay 1000 rs and you can be apart of the main WhatsApp groups and next basic workshops listed in Events high are free of charges.

3. For every member after booking, a unique reference number will be provided, in future if you would like to attend the complete "Basics Of Photography", we need this reference code in order minus the amount you paid for this workshop.

4. Assistance will be provided via direct phone call if any further guidance required after the workshop.   

Event by

Santhosh Kasturi

Bio :

Photofountain is more focused and challenged to provide quick learning strategic training and Hyderabad city's most active photography community, for more information contact us. Thank you.

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Ask our expert Dr. Ape : 9606479201

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dates Monday, 04 Feb 02:00 PM - onwards
prices 999 INR

organiser Organised by: Santhosh Kasturi

details Special Details: Workshop starts at 2:00 PM.
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