Camacho - 1st Time In Psyderabad

Saturday 06:00 PM - Aqua · Somajiguda · Hyderabad

A single listen to his tunes lights up your day. Imagine what happens when Henrique Camacho performs the best of his tunes live at the single most picturesque open-air setting in Psyderabad!

ICU & Aqua, The Park Hyderabad, join hands to bring a sensational act to the city for the 1st time ever & it's all set to be a completely captivating trip that we shall all cherish together.

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Address :

22, 3rd Floor, The Park Hotel, Raj Bhawan Road, Somajiguda, Somajiguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500082, India

Top Performers of the event
Bio :

Shahar Shtrikman, aka Static Movement, born in 1984, originally from Ukraine and currently living in Israel. Shahar started his way with classical music from the early childhood, listening sounds of the piano in the living room played by his mother, she gave him alot of inspiration.

Shahar exposed to trance music from some friends and Discoverd “Impulse Tracker”, a program for producing music. After some time of initial producing, he started a new goa trance project under the name “Impulser'. After experimenting with various sequencers Shahar decided to study sound engineering to become professional.

In 2011 Shahar started to produce progressive trance and instantly realized that this was what he was looking for, to express his feelings music wise and write music with story telling, in combination with his piano skills. From the begining it became obvious that Shahar were in for something big. He have since been releasing alot of his music with the best labels in the world, and his project Static Movement quickly became sought after in many parts of the global map, like Australia, Europe and South America, gaining him alot of fans around the world in the process.


Bio :

Impulser is project of Shahar Shtrikman, born in 1984, originally from ukraine , and currntly live in israel ,also known as Static Movement, Impulser project born in 1996, the meeting with the program "impulse tracker" was realy addictive, and after short time shahar discoverd his great abilities, since the chilhood, shtrikman played piano, and listening to classical music.
In 2007-2009 shahar study proffesional sound at "yoav gera sound school,
then started to work at record studio called "oz studios" there he gain alot of experice with rock, jazz, and other kind of music recording mixing and mastering.
Impulser releses his music at Nightbase music, and Biomechnix records.
my influences was Simon posford, Infected mushroom (retro) X-dream, and lot of classical music, and off couse psychedelic music.

Bio :

Paraforce is the solo - Dark Psy Trance Project of Varun Anand based out of New Delhi,India
In this Project He is focusing more towards real life activites such as things happning around or things that may or might have happend . In other words he calls it Past Present and Future. he visualize's through sound and make Power Packed tracks taking the listeners brain to a deserted unconciousness of mind where existence never exists. As a matter of fact he started going to psy trance parties in 2001 and after 5 yrs of understanding the music , Paraforce project was born, so the major influence comes from the Indian forest parties up in the hills back in Malana and the Parvati valley. he likes making music with a feeling of Gothic and Darkness to take u all on a trip,a trip to self awareness and eternity. The main aim of Paraforce Project is to give the listener’s a Gothic and Psychedelic Experience . Welcome to the Jungle !

Bio :

Novlik is a psychedelic trance DJ and producer from Hyderabad, India. A hospitality manager turned psytrance artist, Novlik has been associated with music since the age of ten, but it wasn't until a music-oriented educational trip to Manchester, UK, that he was totally convinced to influentially contribute to the divine art of psychedelic trance.
Professionally trained in Hindustani classical music and having hosted and performed a plethora of events in the city of Hyderabad, the richness in Novlik’s music is a reflection of his unique journey. The year 2017, marking the distribution of his first album amongst other developments, has exposed his creativity globally and is making his style of music widespread.

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Bio :

Novlik is a psychedelic trance DJ - Producer – Event Organiser from Hyderabad, India. A hospitality manager turned psytrance artist, Novlik has been associated with music since the age of ten, but it wasn't until a music-oriented educational trip to Manchester, UK, that he was totally convinced to influentially contribute to the world of electronic music, especially the divine art of psychedelic trance.

Having entered the market professionally in 2018, Novlik in his first year, has shared stages across India with many top acts from across the globe, including Vini Vici, Skazi, Mandragora, Hilight Tribe, Avalon, Burn in Noise, Kindzadza, and many more.

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dates Saturday, 30 May 06:00 PM - Sunday, 31 May 01:00 AM
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