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10 Awesome Upcoming New Dandiya Events and Parties 2018 in Bangalore

The big fat national holiday of Navratri is larger than life in every way possible. With roots in the Ramayana and Mahabharata, the nine days of Navratri each hold a significance of their own and are observed with devotion and worship. The nights however, are for merry and grandeur and of late, party! Deck up in the garba attire, let`s` hear the clatter of the dandiya sticks, the beats of the dhol, slurps of good long sips of a quality drink and dance away to the mixes of DJs: a marriage of the age old tradition to the present day party and clubbing culture, a real spectacle of colours and an extravagant display of vibrance. Navratri 2018 is about to strike a wave of dandiya events in in Bangalore. Stay tuned for a lot of authentic dandiya raas, disco dandiya parties and more Navratri special events!

Discover Dandiya Events 2018

Its dandiya time 2018

The festival of Navratri is an enormous affair in India. With its roots in the national epics, the festival has been celebrated for centuries now, and with each year Navratri has evolved, outdoing the year before.

While the tradition of Dandiya is more associated with Gujarat, the enthusiasm and the beauty of it spread quickly to the rest of the country, and today, Dandiya nights in Bangalore are a huge success. There are several Navratri special events in the city this year: from the display of the elegant garba dance and the dandiya raas dance to the disco dandiya nights, Navratri celebrations in Bangalore look promising!

Its Dandiya time 2018

Find dandiya nights in Koramangala, Indiranagar, Jayanagar, Whitefield and more- the designated party hubs of Bangalore, but that’s not all- the best budget dandiya nights or even the high profile dandiya nights in 5 star venues are going to be around every alley and nook and cranny.

Do you end up looking up “Dandiya Events Near me” every year? This time, ditch the FOMO and tune into HighApe. We will serve to you, the best Dandiya events in Bangalore 2018 on a platter!

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