Practical JUnit 5 : Java Unit Testing With JUnit 5

Tuesday 06:00 PM - NA - Online course · Bangalore · Bangalore

JUnit 5 is the most popular and widely used Java unit testing framework. In this course, you will learn step by step, how to configure and use JUnit 5 testing framework. This course will teach you how to write unit tests with JUnit 5, covering topics like why unit tests are important, the structure of good unit tests, assertions, assumptions and parameterized tests and more.

The course consist of following sections -

  • Getting Started and Source code (Github link)
  • Introduction to JUnit 5 (Architecture)
  • Writing Tests in JUnit 5
  • Assertions in JUnit 5
  • Testing Collections
  • Testing Performance
  • Testing Exceptions
  • DisplayName in JUnit 5
  • Disabling Tests in JUnit 5
  • Assumptions in JUnit 5
  • Test Instance Lifecycle
  • Parameterized Tests in JUnit 5
  • Repeated Tests in JUnit 5
  • Conditional Test Execution in JUnit 5
  • Dynamic Tests in JUnit 5
  • JUnit 5 Maven Integration

and many more ...Master JUnit 5 testing framework step by step with in depth examples and demonstrations.

Basic knowledge

  • Basic knowledge and installation of Java 8
  • Basic knowledge of JUnit 4
  • Eclipse or IntelliJ IDE

What will you learn

  • You will learn to write Java unit tests in next generation JUnit 5 framework
  • You will learn JUnit framework along with its new features of JUnit 5
  • You will learn about new JUnit 5 Architecture
  • You will learn about new Assertions API in JUnit 5
  • You will learn to test exceptions in Java unit tests
  • You will learn to test performance in Java unit tests
  • You will learn new JUnit 5 features
  • You will learn about new Assumptions API in JUnit 5
  • You will learn how to write Parameterized tests in JUnit 5
  • You will learn how to run JUnit 5 tests with Maven
  • You will learn how to write Repeated tests in JUnit 5
  • You will learn how to write modern tests using JUnit Jupiter API
  • You will learn about Conditional Test Execution API
  • You will learn how to write Dynamic tests in JUnit 5


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