Kudremukh Trek

Friday 07:00 PM - Bank of Baroda · Koramangala · Bangalore

KUDREMUKH in South Karnataka which stands tall at a height of 1894 meters. The name Kuduremukha literally means 'horse-face' (Kannada) and refers to a particular picturesque view of a side of the mountain that resembles a horse's face.

Known as a paradise of trekkers, the peak offers plenty of mind blowing sights in the surrounding including the captivating sunset.
Tie your shoelaces tight before you trek through the thick forests, green meadows, water streams and valleys.

Kudremukh receives an average annual rainfall of 7000 mm, largely due to the forest types of mainly evergreen vegetation that can be found here.

Kudremukh is spread partly over the thick hilly forests near the coastal plains on the western portion and the shola vegetation on the Western Ghats uplands.

As kudremukh trek comes under wildlife prone region, incase in the entry is denied by forest dept. alternate trek of kurinjal or baamikonda can be accessed by the majority decisions of the participants.



DAY 0:

Take an overnight journey from Bangalore after getting picked up from the different pick up points as given below:

DAY 1:

Reach early at Shamse and from here continue to base in a jeep, where you will be freshening up and having a hot breakfast.

  • The 6 km off road drive is quite thrilling and beautiful.
  • Post breakfast, get ready to start the trek after getting your lunch packed and visit next somavathi waterfalls if time permits.
  • Walk through the tropical rainforests, cross a few water streams, small waterfalls, green meadows till you reach the top of the peak.
  •  At Kudremukh peak, what you can see would just let you forget everything else and just enjoy and descend back.
  • Reach homestay at 7pm, have dinner & retire for the day

DAY 2:

After breakfast which you will be checking out of the homestay and begin the return journey on the way visit BELUR and back to bangalore within 8pm.

Inclusions : First aid, 2 Breakfast, lunch and dinner (veg) Coordinator charges, Forest department permission charges, Jeep charges, Homestay charges, transportation from bangalore(to & fro)

Things To Carry :
Raincoat/Poncho, ID proof, Backpack
Sunscreen/cap, Track pants
Full sleeve cotton t-shirt (to avoid getting sun burnt)
Torch (with extra batteries), Personal Medication
Necessary toiletries, Shoes with a good grip

Cost Excludes: Dinner while travelling overnight/any other personal expenses.

Tour Type : This is a group tour

7.00 PM: Koramangala Bank Of Baroda
7.15 PM: Embassy Golf Links Tech Park
7.30 PM: Vivekanda Metro Station
8.00 PM: Hebbal/Manyata Tech Park
8.15 PM: Gorguntepalya Metro Station


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  1. What is the best time to go for Kudremukh trek?

    The best time to visit Kudremukh for trekking is during winters that is from November to February. The temperature during this time ranges from 14 to 33 degree Celsius which makes it very pleasant during Kudremukh trekking. 

    Monsoons is also a good time for Kudremukh trek as you get to see the most beautiful sight with lush green hills and beautiful valleys. Truly a treat to your eyes

  2. What kind of clothes and equipment should I carry for Kudremukh Trekking?

    Backpack with broad straps, Raincoat/Poncho, Personal medications and toiletries, Sweater/ jackets, Sports shoes, Flashlight with extra batteries, Sunscreen/cap, Track pants and full sleeve cotton T-shirt, Torch, Goggles, Mosquito repellents are sufficient for the trek to Kudremukh.

  3. What is the level of difficulty of Kudremukh trekking?

    Moderate Level.

  4. Will food and safe drinking water be provided during Kudremukh trek?

    Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be provided.

  5. What is the level of fitness expected from the participants before heading towards their trek to Kudremukh?

    You need to be in a good physical condition before the start of the trek. You should be able to jog 4.5 kms in 30 minutes to make your lungs strong to bear the high altitudes. Minimum age for this trek is 12 years.

  6. What is the total trek distance?

    The total trek distance to and fro is 22 Kilometres. You start trekking from Kudremukh base camp and trek till Kudremukh Peak. One way is 11 Kilometres trek.

  7. Are PickUp and Drop facilities available from Bangalore?

    Yes, pickup and drop facilities are available from Bangalore. This is included in your package. The first pickup is scheduled at 4:30 PM from Rajaji Nagar at Navarang theatre. The second pickup is at 4:45 PM from Yashawanthpur metro station, Bangalore. You will be dropped back to Bangalore on Day 2 after completion of your trek

  8. Is this trek safe for Solo Travlers and Female Travelers?

    Kudremukh is a very safe place and one of the most preferred destinations for trekking amid female and solo travellers. Many of our guests are female and solo travellers and we take special care of their safety. Separate dormitory or tents are provided to men and women to keep them comfortable and at ease.

  9. How can i reach Kudremukh Peak?

    You will reach Kudremukh Peak through trekking. You will begin your trek from Kudremukh base camp at 9 AM. En route, the beautiful hills to the peak of Kudremukh and have lunch on your midway. Once you reach the Peak, get smitten by the gorgeous scenery around from the top of the hill.

  10. What is Kudremukh famous for?

    Kudremukh is famously known for its national park. The Kudremukh National Park is the 2nd largest protected areas in the Western Ghats which is spread over an enormous 600 square Kilometres region. It is home to macaques, Malabar giant squirrels, langurs, chitals, and barking deer. Tigers, wild dogs, leopards, and jackals can be spotted here which looks magnificently beautiful. 

    The five sacred ponds near Kudremukh are other attractions of this place. Naga Teertha, Rudra Teertha, Amba Teertha, Varaha Teertha, and Vasishtha Teertha are the most popular pilgrimages in the town. Tourists from all over India, visit Kudremukh to enjoy the breezy magnificence of Hanuman Gundi Waterfall which is a spectacular spot to spend your evening. Other than these, Kudremukh is world famous for trekking. 

    Tourists from all over the globe visit Kudremukh for trekking which includes hiking through the gorgeous hills and valleys. The scenic view around the place is breathtaking which will remain with you forever. The beautiful landscapes is a huge crowd puller that attracts thousands of visitors for Kudremukh Trek. In all, this beautiful town has a lot to offer especially to people who love to spend time amid the beauty of Mother Nature.

  11. What are the inclusions in the package?

    Your trek to Kudremukh package includes a guide who will tell you all the dos and don’ts which you need to follow during the trek. He will accompany you throughout the trek. A first aid kit is included in the package in order to meet any minor medical needs like cuts, bruises, etc. 

    A bonfire is also included (subject to availability) in the package. Your transportation from Bangalore and then back to Bangalore after the trek is also included. Apart from these, all the accommodation arrangement in a homestay or camping as per your preference. Fill-in yourself with all meals provided during the trek like breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with tea & coffee.

  12. What are the attractions of trek to Kudremukh?

    On Day 1 of your trek to Kudremukh, you will first reach the renowned Kudremukh National Park. It is one of the major attractions in the South. The Kudremukh National Park is beautified with high rising peaks and natural beauty which is studded with a surfeit of flora and fauna. The picturesque routes for trekking, overseeing the luxuriant grasslands is simply breathtaking. This wildlife protected space is the 2nd largest tropical wet forest in the Western Ghats zone. 

    If you are an animal admirer, then nothing can be better than starting your trek from this national park. The visuals of barking deer, Malabar giant squirrels, chitals, macaques and langurs playing around in open space are treated to eyes. You may even spot wild dogs, jackals, tigers, and leopards roaming around in the jungle. Seeing them in the comfort of the place where they belong to, gives a sense of peace to the eyes and mind. Along with the animals, Kudremukh National Park is home to various kinds of flora and fauna.

    To name a few of the flora species, Casuarinas, Grevillea Robusta, Eucalyptus, and Acacia Auriculiformis are found here which are hard to find in any other places. Kudremukh National Park is home to diverse species of birds too which makes it an actual habit of all sorts of animals, birds, and flora. Some of the beautiful birds which you can spot at the park are Malabar Whistling Thrush, Imperial Pigeon, Malabar Trogon and Great Pied Hornbill. 

    These birds are rare and seeing them is truly heart rendering. The next attraction on your trek is the Kudremukh Peak itself. Situated at an altitude of 1894 metres above the sea level, Kudremukh Peak is truly a heaven for the naturists and trekkers who love to spend some time in the glorious lap of nature. The diversity in flora and fauna, mountains and lush green paths makes it an ideal place to be, away from the noisy city life. 

    The view from Kudremukh Peak is breathtaking. The scene of unspoiled blue clouds hovering over the gigantic Arabian Sea, the smooth glittery water and the dense forest is unforgettable. Amid the most unique characteristics of Kudremukh Peak is the myriad landscapes which you see while you trek towards the peak. The tall bamboo shrubs, rolling hills, and gushing streams make it one of the most talked about places especially among the trekkers. 

    The next attraction that you will see once you get back to the base camp of Kudremukh after your trek on Day 2 is the nearby waterfall. Your visit to the beautiful waterfall can be the best way to relax your body after the entire day of the trek. A dip at the smooth falling water is a great way to unwind and calm your tired body. The scintillating cool water, flora and fauna and the sight of the deep dense forest take you away from all your worries. After your quick escape to this nearby waterfall, you move ahead with your final destination- Bangalore.

  13. What are the other attractions near Kudremukh?

    Some other attractions that can be seen near Kudremukh are- 

    1) Jamalabad Fort 
    Around 87 Kms from Kudremukh, the glorious Jamalabad Fort is a primeval hilltop rampart. Built by Tipu Sultan in the year 1794, this fort was earlier known as Narasimha Ghad, denoting the Granite Hill on which this fort was built. These days, Jamalabad Fort has become a popular tourist destination, especially amid trekkers. The top of this fort offers stunning panoramic views of the entire Kudremukh range which is breathtakingly beautiful. The sunrise and sunsets are the highpoints of this place. 

    2)Lakya Dam 
    Built on the River Lakya, the famous Lakya Dam is situated on the borders of the town. It is a check dam which is a tributary to river Bhadra. Lakya Dam offers spellbinding scenic beauty as it is made in the backdrop of lush green forests, hilly landscapes, and gushing river. It is an ideal place to spend a quiet evening along with your family as the scenic beauty of sunset amid the shiny water is simply beautiful and immortal. 

    This is the place of origin of three rivers- Tunga, Netravati and Bhadra. Gangamoola, which is also known as Varha Parvata is located within the borders of Kudremukh National Park which overall enhances the beauty of the place. The Temple of Goddess Bhagvati and Lord Varha made in a small cave, from where 1 of the 3 river starts is a prevalent attraction here. You can reach Gangamoola after a trek of approximately 2 km which comes between Sringeri and Kudremukh. 

    4)Hanuman Gundi Falls Hanuman Gundi Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls around Kudremukh. It is about 15 kilometres away from the town, which is nestled amid the hilly region of Karkala and Lakya Dam. Also famous as Sustainable Falls, it falls from an enormous height of 100 ft. on natural boulders and rocks which creates majestic views. A staircase of 300 steps needs to be climbed in order to reach Hanuman Gundi Falls. Every step is worth it once you see the magnificence of this place. The best time to visit the fall is during monsoons when the lake is swollen with water and this waterfall showcases its beauty in the best possible way. 

    5)Rock Cut Garden 
    The Rock Cut Garden is a beautiful man-made garden which is located at the lovely Kemmanagundi Hill Station. Made in order to preserve the beauty, elegance, and charm of Mother Nature, this gorgeous garden has a lot to offer. The assortment of flowers is the major attraction for tourists. The views of the empyrean mountain range and the stunning valleys surrounding Bhadra Reservoir are surreal. Truly a heaven for the natural beauty admirers. 

    Merely a few kilometres from Kudremukh, Kalasa is known for its primeval Kalasehwara Temple which is devoted to Lord Shiva. Located on the banks of Bhadra River, this small temple town means a vessel or pot which is thought to have come into reality during the marriage of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. Other than the temple, Kalasa is famous for its extensive Ayurveda and coffee plants.

  14. Can you tell me about Kudremukh in detail?

    Situated in the Western Ghats at a district of Chikmagalur, Karnataka, Kudremukh is a beautiful hill range which is famous for its mineral wealth and biodiversity. It is known to be the largest reserve in Karnataka for the tropical green wet forest which is popularly called as the Kudremukh National Park. Kudremukh is named after a peak which looks like a Horse’s Face. Mostly, all the tourist who visit Kudremukh fall in love with it immediately.

    The pleasant and cool atmosphere of this place compliments the refreshing hills, rolling valleys, and scintillating waterfalls. This surreal place is on the wish list of numerous nature lovers, who come to explore this peaceful town, which was once the melting pot of diverse cultures and scenic beauty. Being home to various attractions in the close by vicinity, Kudremukh lures thousands of tourists not only from India but also from all parts of the world. A lot of things, places, and natural beauty contribute to the popularity of Kudremukh. 

    One such contributing factor is Trekking. Kudremukh provides one of the finest nature trails for trekking which looks stunning from all sides. Kudremukh Trekking has encouraged tourism in folds which has now become one of the must-visit places, especially for the trek lovers. The breathtaking views of emerald landscapes and mountains make it a heaven, away from all the noise and materialistic world. The entire scenery of the grassland interposed with slender strips of jungles provides an amazing vista for the trek to Kudremukh. 

    The abundance of fresh air and the trek to the highest point enlivens the body and calms your soul. Well, that is the charisma of Kudremukh which has the ability to relax and unwind even the most tired souls. Other than Kudremukh trek, the availability of various attractions in the vicinity makes this place even more special. The first attraction is the Kudremukh National park which is home to a gigantic array of animals, birds, flora, and fauna.

    A view of this place gets you closer to nature and its habitat in the purest way. The pristine rivers and waterfalls enhance the beauty of Kudremukh even further. The ancient temples and rich culture speaks a lot about the people and their inner beauty. Kudremukh has at least something for each kind of traveller, making it one of the most preferred holiday destinations and an exciting weekend getaway for the tourists. A great place to explore with family, friends, lover and even solo.

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