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Friday 08:00 PM - Kodaikanal · Kodaikanal · Bangalore

If you’re on the lookout to get away from the maddening city life or to take a break from the monotonous corporate lifestyle, look no further as we have answered your call. What better place to simply unwind and relax your mind and bodies than at the ‘Princess of Hills’- Kodai. But as always, here at Plan The Unplanned we do things a bit differently and this time it’s no different. We’re taking you to explore a side of Kodai that you barely get to see nowadays, away from the tourist crowds and into untouched and pristine lands.

Located 40 kms from Kodai town, this campsite of ours offers everything that Kodai once was minus the negatives. A place where tourism has yet to leave its mark with fairytale-like landscapes, pristine waterbodies, crisp and virgin mountain air, picturesque sights and landscapes all around. Get transported back in time as you spend a weekend doing nothing and everything, at a place straight out of heaven.

This itinerary is specifically designed for those who simply want a laid back weekend and want to take things slow and at their own pace in the most scenic and enthralling locales along with a dash of adventure.


  • Pick up from Bangalore by 8:00 PM (approx)

 DAY 1 

  • Reach Campsite
  • Freshen up & have breakfast
  • Explore the campsite
  • Hike through the pine tree forest
  • Stream Walk
  • Lunch
  • Hidden Waterfall Hike
  • Return to campsite
  • Dinner & Campfire
  • Camping in tents

 DAY 2

  • Catch the picturesque sunrise by the lake
  • Freshen up & have breakfast
  • Leave campsite by 10 AM & transfer to Vattakanal
  • Visit Vattakanal Waterfalls
  • Have Lunch
  • Hike to Dolphins nose & Echo Rock
  • Explore Kodai Town
  • Depart for Bangalore by 6 PM


  • Reach Bangalore by 5 AM (Approx)


  • Accommodation in tents on sharing basis
  • Separate for men & women
  • Sleepings bags/blankets available


  • Breakfast on Day 1 & Day 2
  • Lunch on Day 1
  • Dinner on Day 1
  • All meals included will be Veg


  • Non-A/C Tempo Traveller or Mini-bus with push back seats depending on group size
  • Bangalore to Bangalore


  • Trek Leads from Plan The Unplanned Team
  • Forest Guide


  • Any kind of insurance
  • Personal Expenses (snacks, mineral water etc)
  • Anything not included above


  • 12-21 Members
  • We have an equal male to female ratio for most of our treks
  • We require a minimum of 8 members to confirm the event
  • In case we fail to obtain the required minimum, full refund or the option to transfer to any other event will be provided. (Option of transfer shall be subject to payment/refund of balance amount if any)

DAY 0 – Depart for Kodaikanal

We begin our trip from Bangalore as strangers but not for long as our fun and energetic trek leads have some exciting icebreakers up their sleeves to turn you lot into the best of friends overnight! Some call it magic but we simply consider it as another part of the experience here at Plan The Unplanned. Once you’re all familiar with the group, spend the night playing some fun games, engaged in interesting conversations or simply settle in for the night looking forward to an adventurous journey up ahead.

DAY 1 – Campsite Exploration, Waterfall Hike & Camping

Catch the first rays of light as we enter Kodai and watch the dramatic change of landscapes out the window. Boring highways and concrete structures now make way for thick forests and open meadows along with the crisp and cool mountain air filling your lungs.

Located far away from everything familiar we make our way through winding roads and remote villages to finally reach our destination. Once here we start our adventure with a short hike to our campsite alongside various vegetable and fruit plantations. Keep a lookout for the beautiful Lake that comes into view shortly, on the banks of which one can spot the blue and white tents of our campsite standing out amidst a shroud of crops and vegetation along the natural incline of the adjoining hillock. Make your way up to your tents and enjoy the morning hues. Once you’re all settled in and freshened up, gather together for a hearty breakfast made of the freshest and locally sourced produce which will be an experience in itself.

Today is all about exploring the campsite and some of its hidden gems located close by. Take a walk down to the lake that offers the perfect spot for some contemplation or if you’re the adventurous type, a quick dip in its freezing waters would provide a jolt of adrenaline rush that would last the entire day. A stroll through the picturesque pine-tree forest located on the opposite side of the lake is bound to give you an authentic Kodai experience and one you will cherish for a long time. If you’re in the mood for something a bit more adventurous, a longer hike along a stream leading up to the campsite leads you to a vantage point that offers grand views of the adjoining areas. One can also spot the world famous Neelakurinji flowers on this trail depending on the season of your visit.

We leave it up to you on how you wish to spend the first half of the day, explore the various sights, smells and experiences this place has to offer or simply chill out at the campsite with a hot cup of ‘chai’ taking in the view and the cold breeze; you can’t go wrong either way.

After a sumptuous lunch, we now get ready for an adventurous hike to a nearby hidden waterfall. A highly scenic walk through the nearby plantations gives you an idea about the surrounding landscapes and appreciate the lifestyle of the locals here who still live a simple life and make do with the bare essentials. Once at the main road, we take our bus to the starting point of the hike from where we’re offered a birds-eye view of the waterfalls cascading down in their full glory (Expect the water levels to be less in the winter months as compared to the Monsoons). The trail is a continuous descend amidst thick vegetation leading all the way to the bottom of the falls where one can enjoy a refreshing bath beneath its gushing waters after a tiresome trek.

Once refreshed, we now head back up the trail and back to our campsite by sundown. Give your legs a rest as we await a heartwarming dinner. The temperatures drop rapidly in these parts post sunset. Do make sure you have adequate layers of clothing to keep you warm. And if that doesn’t help, huddle around the campfire and spend the night under the open skies with some good company and interesting conversations. Did we mention this is also a great place for some stargazing and night photography? Let the fun and games while away into the night or settle in for a good nights sleep inside your cosy tents. Either way, as they say, the best nights are the ones spent in tents.

DAY 2 – Explore Vattakanal, Dolphins Nose & Echo Rock

Despite the long night, we highly recommend getting an early rise the next day to witness the first rays of light playing around with the mist-laden surface of the Lake for a spectacle of a display. It’s guaranteed to be a chilly morning so grab your hot cup of chai and head down to the lake as the morning hues here will leave you breathless. Take your own time to take in as much as you can of the splendour around you before packing up your bags and heading down for breakfast.

But fret not, as our day’s adventure is only about to start. Once we bid farewell to our previous night’s abode and the magical views surrounding the place, it’s now time to head back to Kodai and towards Vattakanal.

“Vatta” meaning Circle & “Kanal” meaning Forest, when put together roughly translates into “Forest in Circles”. The locals also refer to it as “Little Israel” since the place literally transforms into an Israeli town from around October when thousands of Israelis flock to this little hamlet.

Our first stop is the famed Vattakanal Falls. This gentle waterfall is actually one of five waterfalls spread across a large area. Surrounded by a canopy of pine trees, one can actually take a short walk along its banks and get transported to another world altogether.

The road leading to the falls is also strewn with fruit vendors selling everything from avocados, water apples, egg fruits and several local delicacies unknown to us city dwellers. However, do keep a look out for the mischievous monkeys in the area who’re constantly on the lookout for a quick snack and won’t hesitate to snatch your own.

From here we make our way to the famous Altaf’s Cafe for lunch. Reminiscent of the cafes in Manali, the walls here are splashed in turquoise blue along with hand-painted illustrations of life here; monkeys, a man lost in a book, a Kathak dancer and so on. The café is airy and offers a peaceful view of the valley down below while you enjoy your hearty meal. Keeping in mind the Israelis who visit the place every year, the menu offers cuisines ranging everything from Mediterranean to Italian to Indian.

Post lunch we begin our trek down to Dolphins Nose. The descend takes close to an hour but the numerous viewpoints en route and the pine trees hovering high above make it a pleasant affair. The place gets its name from a rock protruding out into the valley down below in the shape of a dolphin’s nose. The faint-hearted can choose to look at the valley below from far away or choose to be more adventurous and take a sneak-peek by walking right up to the edge of the rock for a quick adrenaline rush. For the selfie lovers out there, be sure to watch your steps here, literally!

Next up, we proceed further up ahead to Echo  Rock and as the name suggests, you can hear your echo quite clearly from this vantage point. It’s a circular rock perched on the edge of a cliff and can be quite scary to climb onto. However, the panoramic views from here make the climb worth it.

Now its time to return back to Kodai where we shall stopover for some quick shopping if time permits before hopping on our buses back to Bangalore with a heart full of fond memories and experiences worth looking back to. We expect to reach Bangalore by 5 am the next morning.

So what’re you waiting for? Take a break from the monotony, unwind and escape to a more simpler way of life with Plan The Unplanned with our perfect weekend getaway at Kodaikanal.


  • Consumption of alcohol, intoxicants and smoking would not be tolerated during the entire course of the journey and the trek. Kindly co-operate with us to make the experience more fun.
  • Do not expect any luxuries on the trip. The locations that we host are at remote places and we do our best to arrange the basic facilities. The goal is to be outdoors.
  • The Food that shall be provided will be Basic Veg Food. We do not serve Non-Veg Food.
  • Put Litter in its place, do not trash your travel.
  • Plan The Unplanned shall not be responsible for any of your belongings, valuables, jewellery etc.  Kindly do take care.
  • In the case of traffic delays or breakdowns, expect a little delay in reaching the destination.


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Pick Up/Drop Points
  • Following are the pick-up points & timings:
    • Swad E Punjab – Teacher’s Colony, HSR Layout, Bengaluru
    • New Shanti Sagar Hotel – Old Airport Road, Domlur, Bengaluru
    • KTM Mekhri Circle – Mekhri Circle Junction, Raj Mahal Vilas Extension, Armane Nagar, Bengaluru
  • Please select your preferred pickup point from the drop-down list while booking
  • Any change in Pick up locations/ timings would be updated via mail 24 hours before the start of the trip
  • Drop-off points shall be same as the pick-up points
Things To Carry
  • Small backpack to carry your essentials during the trek
  • Water bottles – 2 (1 litre each)
  • Lunch Box & Spoon to carry your packed lunch
  • Raincoat/Bag covers in case of rains
  • A comfortable pair of shoes with good grip for trekking
  • Flip-flops for lazing around the campsite
  • Torch/Headlamp to be used at night
  • Portable chargers for your electronics
  • Extra pair of clothes to change into once wet
  • Poly bags to pack your wet clothes
  • Extra cash for meals not included in the itinerary
*Organizers/Venues are solely responsible for the service, availability and quality of the events including all or any cancellations/modifications/complaints.
Know about Location & Place
Address :

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India

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Terms & Conditions

  • If you cancel 7 days before the date of event: 
    • 95% refund will be provided. (Payment gateway charges will be deducted)
  • If you cancel 3-6 days before the date of event:
    • 50 % of the actual amount of the trek. (Payment gateway charges will be deducted)
  • If you cancel 48 hours before the date of event:
    • No refund would be provided.
    • Last minute cancellations due to work, health issues etc. would not be entertained and no refund or transfer shall be allowed for the same.
  • Additional charges would be deducted (based on from where you booked) if you cancel the trek at any given date (along with the scenario described above), as payment gateway/event listing charges.
  • For all the above choices, you can transfer your tickets to your friends. We would be more than happy to have them on board and you could save your hard earned money.

*Organizer's contact details will be provided post-booking in your e-ticket confirmation.
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