Free Session On Heal Thyself : Journey Towards Medicine-Free Lif

Sunday 09:00 AM - Revamp In. · JP Nagar · Bangalore


Are You?

  • Tired of popping pills for the day to day discomforts in your body?
  • Looking to lead a Medicine-Free Life?
  • Looking for a Best Healing Techniques which naturally relieve you from all your health issues?
  • Looking for a holistic cure rather than a superficial cure?
  • Looking forward to learn the Simple & Powerful techniques to heal yourself from various Health Issues?
  • Eager to understand the correlation of our Ancient Healing Science with present Food & Lifestyle?
  • Looking for a treatment based on Root Cause rather than Symptoms?
  • Looking to save yourself and your family from the side effects that affects the human body in the longer run?
  • Looking forwards to increase the performance and efficiency of your day to day activities?
  • Looking for a Stress-free and Happy life?

If "YES" then congratulations!!!
Presenting The FREE SEMINAR on Revamp Svasthas powerful program

A Well-designed wellness session having advantages for all Age Groups.


  • Understand Ancient Tradition and its Science
  • Understand the Body Science and Constitution called Five-Elements/Panchabhoota
  • Paradigm shift towards your perception about the word DISEASE
  • Get started towards the path of Drug-Free Life
  • Lifestyle improvement
  • Enhanced focus and performance
  • Positive food habit suggestions
  • Understand various Integrated Healing Methods like Acupressure, Acupuncture, Colour therapy, Sujok, Energy Healing Pulse Diagnosis, etc.
  • Learn to maintain body and mind balance
  • Get your Complete Body-Mind analysis data called Nadiswara Report at a Special Discounted Price


Revamp Svastha is a modern era educational platform determined to revamp the health and lifestyle of common man by creating awareness about how to heal oneself(Self-Healing) naturally. It has a specially designed team to cure and train how to heal any Health Issues Naturally using various Alternative Healing Techniques.

Svastha has got one of the Best Healers of Karnataka with the best solutions for any Chronic Health issues.

Svastha has conducted various workshops and course in specialised healing techniques like:
1. Acupressure
2. Sujok Seed Therapy
3. Colour Therapy
4. Pulse Analysis
5. NLP
6. Colour Numerology
7. Verma Kalai
8. Magnetic Therapy
9. Acupuncture
10. Auricular Therapy
11. Acu-Touch etc


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No. 1/A 3rd Floor 5th 'A' Cross 24th Main Road Manjunath Colony JP Nagar, 2nd Phase Bengaluru - 560078 Karnataka (above Shiva, Vision Care, 24th Main Road, JP Nagar, R.K Colony, Manjunath Colony, 2nd Phase, JP Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078, India

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Revamp In is a modern era educational platform determined to revamp the mindset & financial IQ of the common man by creating awareness about how to achieve financial freedom, by correcting the cognitive blueprint and by teaching how to leverage time, effort & capital. Amongst the diverse sectors of education, financial learning is crucial. Thus we at Revamp In have embarked upon this endeavour of paramount prominence. Revampers firmly believe that Success is not about making money. It is about making the man who will by default make money.

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dates Sunday, 24 Nov 09:00 AM - Sunday, 24 Nov 10:30 AM
prices Free Entry

organiser Organised by: Revamp In

details Special Details: The session begins at 10:30 AM
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