Finding The True You

Wednesday 06:00 PM - NA - Online course · Bangalore · Bangalore

The life you've been living IS NOT the life you will always have to live. I believe that's true because I've experienced it myself.

I have been in the people development business for nearly 30 years.

Over this time I have sat across from countless individuals and listened as they shared their longing to live for something more than what they were currently experiencing. The doldrums of life had sucked all the enthusiasm out of them. By coming to me, they were hoping I could wave a magic wand and suddenly fill them with inspiration and purpose.

Unfortunately, no such magic wand exists.

If I were to ask those individuals to sum up their current existence in one word, I imagine they might have said ...

  • Boring
  • Routine
  • Meaningless


None of us ever had a morning where we woke up and our first thought was, "I hope today is a mediocre day." Yet, somehow, somewhere, that is the direction our life swung in.

We often make the solution much more complex than it really is. In fact, what I've discovered is this: finding your purpose simply requires that you begin to act with purpose. That is the idea behind this simple guide to developing your life plan.

Each day throughout this plan you will receive a video teaching where I will explain the different ways we discover our true selves. I will be your personal coach, a daily cheerleader, and one of your biggest fans.

I know that when you gain clarity, you gain confidence and power. It is my hope that working through these exercises will bring the clarity you need to live a fulfilling life.

Basic knowledge

The three attitudes that are critical for your success are:

  • A desire to grow and develop
  • A willingness to improve
  • An attitude of exploration

What will you learn

By the end of this course, you will have confidence in three important areas of life:

  • You will have a clearer sense of purpose
  • You will have a system for developing goals
  • You will have a greater passion for life


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