Excellence Fast Forward-Being Your Best In Your Worst Times

Friday 08:00 PM - Online Workshop/Class · NA · Bangalore

How do I deal with Crisis. I feel stuck and out of control.

How do I keep myself focused even in a negative environment?

How do I take responsibility without fear?

I have self-doubts which don't allow me to enjoy mywork. How do I get rid of them?

In the times where there is great scope of creation, but great uncertainty of the unknown too, it’s not the time to freeze with fear…it’s the time to flow with faith.

Come and take a journey into your deeper self to peel open the patterns of the subconscious to find freedom to be Your Best in the Worst times. Register for Excellence Fast Forward - Be your best even in Worst times

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dates Friday, 29 May 08:00 PM - Friday, 29 May 09:00 PM
prices Free Entry

organiser Organised by: Aashwasan

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